Tips for Saving Battery of All Types of HP

#kamisukareview – Short battery life is often a problem for cellphone users. Well, this time battery saving tips guide might be able to help all HP users.

Whatever the type HP these battery saving tips can be useful. These tips are also needed so that you can better identify any problems that can make the battery quickly shrink in power.

Talking about tips and tricks about increasing battery life on iOS or Android, of course, it has often been reviewed. Several times we have provided guidelines or tips.

Currently, almost all people have an Android or iPhone cellphone. You could say this battery problem is actually also experienced by HP users, especially those with small battery capacities.

Understanding what causes the battery to run out quickly on a smartphone, tablet or cellphone of any type can certainly help mobile users of any kind to optimize it.

Here are a few things to consider if you want a longer battery life or life. Let's look at our battery saving tips, and find out what factors suck up battery power.

Battery Saving Tips: Adjust Screen Brightness Level

The screen on a mobile device or cell phone just looks bigger and wider every year. You must be used to seeing the latest mobile phones with large screens such as the LG G3 with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels. Indeed, the screen is very wide and amazing, but this is the main source of consuming battery power. So if you want your cellphone battery to last longer, reduce the brightness or brightness level of the screen. Avoid setting auto brightness and do the settings manually.

No service

On a cell phone connected to a network the 'no service' problem can be a scourge. Cell phones that do not have the ability to connect to the internet are really less useful nowadays except when a Wifi network is available.

Try to pay attention when the signal is less stable or inconsistent, usually the battery will drain more quickly. The reason is, cellphones will continue to seek signals and communicate with transmitter towers. Now, to avoid wasting battery due to this problem, use Airplane mode or just select a Wifi network in an area where the network is less stable or has almost no signal.

Stream Videos and Play Games

The need for cellphone power to watch streaming videos or play games is quite large. Playing for a while won't be too problematic. But when you watch HD video streaming or play heavy games, the battery drops very quickly. Even up to 50 percent.

GPS and Location Services

This feature is quite battery consuming. Therefore, don't forget to turn off this feature when not in use. The reason is, this service will continue to operate while it is in active condition.

Battery Saving Tips: Reduce Screen Timeout

Reduce screen timeout or screen auto-off time when not in use. If you currently set it to 1 minute, reduce it to 30 or 15 seconds. In addition, make it a habit to turn off the screen directly when not in use.

Several manufacturers have also equipped their devices with these features, such as Sony with its STAMINA Mode feature. In addition, activate the Airplane Mode feature when you sleep at night so that battery savings can be maximized.

Turn off unused features

Some common features like GPS, Bluetooth, or NFC as well as special features like air gestures and smart scrolling eat up a lot of battery power. If you don't use it, then turn off these features.

Battery Saving Tips: Set Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you are connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection, then turn off the connection via mobile data. Also change the Wi-Fi setting on your device to “Always on during sleep” because this will consume less power compared to having to reconnect every time your Android turns on.

If your Android device supports the lockscreen widget feature, then use that feature. With this feature, you can access applications directly via the lockscreen without the need to unlock your device first.

Even though it keeps the screen on, it takes much less time than opening it up first. If your smartphone or tablet uses an AMOLED screen, then also use a black or dark lockscreen background.

Remove various unnecessary widgets, especially widgets connected to the internet such as Facebook, Twitter, or weather widgets.

Battery Saving Tips: Update Applications

Always update the application regularly to get optimal performance. The developers usually provide updates to optimize battery and memory usage. In addition, delete applications that are no longer in use so that they don't run in the background and eat up your memory and battery.

Every Android device is filled with various Google applications. But of course not all of these applications we need. Therefore, in order not to drain battery power, turn off the sync option for these unneeded applications.

Turn off Auto-Sync Applications

Apart from Google applications, some applications also usually synchronize automatically to update their content. Some applications that usually do this include the Twitter client, Facebook, and others.

Well, maybe some of these guidelines can help you save battery. Good luck!

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