#kamisukareviewVivo has just launched its newest product. And, it turns out that there are advantages and disadvantages of this Vivo Y20S that are interesting. Previously, in August 2020, Vivo released Vivo Y20 and then launched Vivo Y20i, which was present in September 2020.

Vivo Y20s is the newest member of the Y-Series family which is claimed to offer the largest memory capacity in its class. This cellphone is armed with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. This storage capacity can still be expanded with a microSD memory card up to 256 GB.

the advantages and disadvantages of the hp vivo y20s

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vivo Y20S

Then is it true that the Vivo Y20s smartphone is a complete quality product and deserves to be called a new hero in the mid-range market segment Worth-it to buy? Following are the advantages and disadvantages of Vivo Y20S:

Strengths and Value Plus

the advantages of the Vivo Y20s

Side-Mounted Fingerprint with Fast Response

Some people think the sensor behind is better. However, many also choose the location of the sensor on the edge better, because the sensor on the side power button can make the rear body of the smartphone look cleaner and the unlocking experience feels more natural.

It also makes the back of the smartphone look simpler and more elegant. It is for this reason that the Vivo Y20s features a fingerprint scanner on the side of the body, combined with the Power button.

The main thing is the unlocking speed of this phone which only takes 0.22 seconds via the Fingerprint Scanner located on the side.

Vivo claims that this smart new design is adapted to everyday cellphone use so that it can unlock more instantly and intuitively. In addition, this phone is also supported with Face Access technology, which provides another option to unlock the phone in seconds.

Long Lasting Battery 5000 mAh + 18W Flash-Charge

One of the sectors that are the main concern of today's Smartphone users is battery life on cellphones and charging speed.

The advantage of the Vivo Y20s is that it implements a 5,000 mAh capacity battery with 18W flash-charge technology which can power up to 70% in just 69 minutes.

In addition, this smartphone is also equipped with power-saving AI technology so that in one full charge it can support up to 16 hours of online HD movie streaming, or play online games that require up to 11 hours of power.

Not only that, the reverse charging feature on this smartphone can also charge other devices, or the same thing as the power bank function.

6.51 ″ Ultra All Screen Display with Eye Protection

The Y20s screen carries an Ultra All Screen design measuring 6.51 inches, as well as a 20: 9 aspect ratio and HD + resolution (1600 x 720). With a larger display combined with the latest In-Cell technology, it makes the screen look more colorful and vibrant.

The details are even more clear, ideal for gaming and watching videos. In addition, the Eye Protection mode which filters out harmful blue light is claimed by Vivo to protect the user's vision throughout the day.

2.5D Dazzling Colors Design View

The Vivo Y20s features a body with a 2.5D curved perfectly designed to produce a phone that is lightweight, ergonomic, and fits perfectly in the user's hand.

The color choices are also unique with two choices, namely Obsidian Black or gradation Black, and Purist Blue or navy blue. Light blue gradation with impression points on the camera which according to Vivo is inspired by the clear blue sea water.

RAM and Internal Storage Qualified

With 8GB + 128GB memory & Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor, Vivo Y20s can play various types of games that require large storage capacity.

Latest Vivo HP it can also install & run more applications. To make the most of it, the triple card slot supports memory expansion of up to 256GB, so you can store more of your music, photos and movies.

Weaknesses and Minus Value

lacks the vivo y20s

Less Powerful Chipset in its Class

The lack of the Vivo Y20s, which is only powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor, is actually a bit disappointing. Because in fact the Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor is only mostly used for entry-level cellphones at a price of Rp1 million.

Indeed, the Snapdragon 460 actually brings better specifications and performance than the Snapdragon 450, such as support for UFS 2.1, a higher CPU clock speed, and bringing the Adreno 600 series.

It should be noted that no matter how good the Snapdragon 460 is, it doesn't feel worthy to be a kitchen runway with a price of Rp. 3 million like this Vivo Y20S.

In fact, there are a lot of cellphones in the same price range but have been equipped with Snapdragon 600 series chipsets or equivalent, such as the output of the Redmi series 9 and Redmi Note 8 which cost almost the same and are classified as more “old school” but faster performance.

Still Use the Micro USB Port

Another point that is also disappointing and which is the lack of this Vivo Y20s is that it still uses the microUSB charging port, which is considered old school.

Because, there is already a USB Type-C charging port which is more complete in terms of the convenience and speed of transferring data from HP to / from PC.

For mobile phones worth 3 million, this is clearly a drawback, because currently new cellphones that still use microUSB can only be found on entry-level phones costing Rp1 million.

Screen Still HD +

When other manufacturers with the same price are even cheaper to present a screen with Full HD + or even AMOLED resolution, the presence of a screen that is still HD + clearly feels a bit behind and becomes a minus.

Moreover, coupled with a wide screen size, of course, HD + 720p resolution will certainly not bring such good screen sharpness and screen strength and resistance that is more vulnerable.

However, the advantages of the screen are still HD +, which means it will make the battery and power consumption more efficient than Full HD +.

So, those are the advantages and disadvantages of the Vivo Y20s. Hopefully this can be a guide before buying.

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