MAXstream Releases the Original Horror Series Behind the Keyhole

#kamisukareview – MAXStream is back with a quality original series entitled Behind the Keyhole which will be launched on November 6, 2020. This is the realization of Telkomsel to become “The Home of Entertainment” with quality content.

Apart from presenting inspiring entertainment shows, MAXstream also presents a number of original serial content. This horror genre series made by Friends Production House Ceria Entertainment and Melly Goeslaw adds to the long list of MAXstream's original series collections.

MAXstream releases the original horror behind the keyhole

MAXstream, the leading and quality video content on-demand (VOD) marketplace platform from Telkomsel continues to innovate to present a variety of the latest quality entertainment content ready to entertain the people of Indonesia.

This is Telkomsel's effort to continue to innovate in presenting customer-centric products and services. One of them, which was released on November 6, 2020, is a horror genre entitled Behind the Keyhole.

Vice President for Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel Nirwan Lesmana said, the presence of a variety of original MAXstream content is part of Telkomsel's ongoing efforts as a leading digital telco company.

“Over time, MAXstream has become a forum to support the advancement of the film industry and the creativity of the nation's children and is part of Telkomsel's efforts to create a sustainable, inclusive digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

“The Serial Behind the Key Hole is Telkomsel's real manifestation of continuing to support the development of the creativity of the nation's children through collaboration with author Melly Goeslaw and well-known Indonesian filmmakers.

“We hope that Behind this Key Hole will enrich the public's spectacle that is presented at MAXstream,” said Nirwan.

The series Behind the Key Hole itself is a drama, horror, and mystery genre series. The series will have five episodes with a duration of 30 minutes for each episode.

The series, starring Wafda, Kinaryosih, Michelle Joan, Salsabila Zahra, Randa Septian, Melly Goeslaw, and Anto Hoed, tells the story of a happy family who has just moved to a new house in a remote area far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

However, who would have thought that the happiness of the family was only false, after one by one the family members experienced terrible terror in the house.

Behind the Keyhole adds to the long list of horror series on MAXstream. Previously, MAXstream Original had presented a series with a horror genre entitled “Journal of Terror: Afterlife” by Ceppy Gober and “Nawangsih” by Melly Goeslaw.

Apart from the horror series, MAXstream also offers other interesting shows for those of you who don't like scary series, including “Negeri 5 Menara”, the romantic comedy series “Cerita Dokter Cinta”, “Critical Eleven”, and many more.

MAXstream Horror Release

As a one-stop VoD service platform, MAXstream not only displays entertainment in the form of films and series, but also a number of content that inspires Indonesians, such as the “Online Graduation 2020” program.

The program, which was created to celebrate graduation in the midst of a pandemic situation, features a number of inspirational speakers from various backgrounds, from Nadiem makarim to Najwa Shihab.

In order to satisfy the needs of the Indonesian people for interesting music shows, MAXstream also has various music concert programs from top musicians, including “Concert of 25 Years of Work by Melly Goeslaw and Anto Hoed”, “Concert Galau – Rossa & Nagita Slavina”, “Concert of The Baldys – The Love Universe ”, and“ Whoop Fest ”.

Apart from movie series and concerts, MAXstream offers educational talk shows that provide the best, latest and most reliable information, packaged in an easy-to-understand concept such as “Meet the experts”, “Vidi O Call” and “Passion Project”.

Carrying the concept of family broadcasts, giving impressions of the life of a family is one of MAXstream's ideals to create interesting content and is very close to everyday life.

MAXstream presents interesting shows from several families in Indonesia such as “Gen Halilintar Family Show”, “RANS Family show” and more family shows that will soon be broadcast on the MAXstream application.

Until now, the MAXstream application has been downloaded more than 20 million times through both the Google Play Store and the App Store. MAXstream has 60 television channels, both local and international, 13 video partners, and more than 10,000 video collections.

MAXstream has also launched MAXstream Entertainment Package Rp 69,000 which can be activated by users to access HBO GO, VIDIO, and VIU with a 7 GB quota through the MyTelkomsel application, MAXstream application, or by contacting the UMB access menu 363465.

“With the presence of Behind the Keyhole and a series of other original series, we hope to be able to provide entertaining shows as well as to provide added value to subscribers through customer-centric principles that are always embedded in every content.

In the future, Telkomsel, through MAXstream, will continue to move forward and strive to continue to be committed to being “The Home of Entertainment” for customers by enriching quality original content, “concluded Nirwan.

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