Take a peek at the MacBook Air and Apple M1 Pro specifications starting at IDR 17 million

Apple“>Apple M1 Chipset
Photo: Chipset Apple M1 From Apple

Apple announced 13-inch MacBook Pro new with the Apple M1 silicon processor and there is also a fresher MacBook Air, previously Apple announced the arrival of the new MacBook Pro with Apple's own processors, both the new MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air are both powered by the latest Apple M1 processor.

Apple M1 MacBook Pro 13 specifications

The official publication Apple M1 also hints at the possibility of launching a new 24-inch iMac, which is expected to be officially announced at the end of the year or in the first quarter of 2021, while the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple M1 processor will be available on November 17th. .

Apple M1 MacBook Pro 13 design

About the design, there is nothing different from the previous model and it is also not known whether the workstation also has changes or not, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro is still equipped with the same Thunderbolt port and USB 4 support and also has 3 microphones with studio sound quality that can also obtained on the previous generation of MacBook Pro.


Price of MacBook Pro and Air Apple M1


For prices, we can take a peek from the closest country to Indonesia, namely India as follows:
13-Inch MacBook Pro
Apple M1 8 Core CPU / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD Price 122,900 Rupees or around Rp. 23 Million
Apple M1 8 Core CPU / 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD Price of 142,900 Rupees or around IDR 27 million

MacBook Air 13 Inch
Apple M1 8 Core CPU / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD Price of 92,900 Rupees or around Rp. 17 Million
Apple M1 8 Core CPU / 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD Price of 117,900 Rupees or around Rp. 22 million

For details on the two new models of MacBook you can find in the link below that we provide, another configuration is that the MacBook Pro model can be upgraded to 16GB RAM and up to 2TB SSD, about the battery it is said that there is an increase with the M1 processor, which is claimed by Apple. that the MacBook Pro can offer 17 hours of surfing in a web browser and 20 hours of watching videos from the efficient side is better than the MacBook Pro that uses an Intel processor.


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