Rumors of Redmi K40, Screen and Charging Get Faster

Redmi K40 Pro spec
Photo: Redmi K30 Pro (Xiaomi)

Redmi recently it was rumored to be releasing a new cellphone, the name of the temporary cellphone was referred to as Redmi K40 There has been no official confirmation from Redmi about the naming so maybe it will change when it is inaugurated, some of the latest rumors coming from the StationChat Twitter account say that Redmi's latest flagship cellphone will have better features than the previous generation, especially in terms of screen and charging.

When will Redmi K40 be released? (Rumors)

Although the source did not mention in detail the details of the cellphone, reported on the 91mobile website which took the same link source stating that the cellphone was predicted to be the Redmi K40 Pro which had been included in the discussion about the latest flagship cellphone from Redmi, which was rumored to be the launch of the series Redmi K40 is reported to be launched in late 2020 for the Redmi K40 model, while the Pro model is likely to be released in the first quarter of 2021.

Redmi K40 Latest Features (Rumors)


Returning to the latest speculation about the features of the Redmi K40 Pro, it is likely that it will have a fairly high refresh rate and faster charging support compared to the previous series, namely the Redmi K30 Pro which is the first flagship cellphone from Redmi which only features a 60Hz refresh rate and 33W charging. ,

Xiaomi itself has recently been able to present a cellphone with fast charging up to 120W. However, we have yet to get information on how fast it charges from the Redmi K40 Pro, can the 120W charging feature be downgraded by Xiaomi to the Redmi K40 Pro? Meanwhile, about the screen, some media say that the Redmi K40 model will have an OLED screen and may support a 120Hz refresh rate plus a punch-hole design as the home of the selfie camera.

Redmi K40 Series Specifications (Rumors)

The latest rumors are no less exciting, the two upcoming cellphone models, both Redmi K40 or Redmi K40 Pro, are reportedly coming with 5G network support, it is possible that the kitchen specifications for the standard model will be equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ processors more likely to Snapdragon 775G Meanwhile, the Pro model may still be rumored to be equipped with Snapdragon 875.


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Source: @StationChat
Via: 91mobiles

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