#kamisukareview – If you want a computer like a desktop PC with a large screen but practical to use like a laptop, ASUS has a line of All-in-One PC (AIO PC) products, one of which is the ASUS AIO 22 (V222F).

Continuous pandemic conditions make various activities to be carried out indoors. Not only business and work activities, school activities and teaching and learning must also be carried out at home, not at school.

All-in-One PC, Laptop Sense Desktop

All-in-One PC, Laptop Sense Desktop

Of course teaching and learning activities at home will be very different from at school. When face-to-face and class activities have to be done online, support devices must be available at home from an internet connection to a computer equipped with a webcam.

Talking about computers for teaching and learning activities at home, which is better, a laptop or desktop PC? Each of them has its own advantages.

If you want a computer like a desktop PC with a large screen but practical to use like a laptop, ASUS has a range of All-in-One PC (AIO PC) products, one of which is the ASUS AIO 22 (V222F).

Laptops have a very practical shape, are equipped with a webcam, but have a small screen size. Most modern laptops can still be connected with an additional monitor, but of course you have to spend the extra money.

While desktop PCs have advantages in terms of flexibility. You can choose all components one by one to get the most optimal performance and features within the range of funds you have prepared.

But you need to know which components to choose. Besides that, the PC desktop also has a large shape and takes up space, especially if you use a PC tower.

The advantages of ASUS AIO 22 (V222F)

The advantages of ASUS AIO 22 (V222F)

The advantages of AIO PC compared to laptops and desktop PCs are that it is compact and easy to use, but still offers complete features and a large screen that is perfect for teaching and learning activities at home.

Compact Design

This device is an ideal computer for use by anyone, including children. The support is made of aluminum which is not only lightweight, but also very sturdy.

The entire body design of the ASUS AIO 22 (V222F) is designed so that the AIO PC can be stable when placed on a table, have the right viewing angle, and don't bother the user.

In addition, the ASUS AIO 22 (V222F) also looks elegant with an edge-to-edge screen and looks almost without a bezel at all. Thanks to this design, it not only looks luxurious but is also able to deliver a more immersive visual experience.

Behind the edge-to-edge screen of the inj device is none other than the NanoEdge Display, which is an exclusive technology from ASUS that allows the screen to appear with a very thin bezel.

ASUS AIO 22 (V222F) itself has a screen bezel of only 2mm. Thanks to this very thin bezel, it is able to come with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 87% on a 22-inch screen size.

Thanks to the large screen, children can open more content and learn multitasking. Besides being able to be used for learning, this device can also be used as an entertainment center for families at home.

That is why the screen is one of the features that the AIO PC is really paying attention to. This AIO PC has a Full HD resolution screen with color reproduction capabilities in the sRGB color space up to 100%.

Suitable For Studying at Home

ASUS AIO 22 (V222F) is a computer that is perfect for accompanying study activities at home. This AIO PC is equipped with the best hardware in its class.

Starting from the use of processors to Intel Core i5 which are very capable for learning activities at home, even very capable of enjoying multimedia content. This device is also accompanied by DDR4 memory and extra spacious storage up to 1TB.

ASUS AIO 22 (V222F) also comes with the best audio quality in its class. The audio system on it rests on two stereo speakers placed in a special room so that it can produce a loud sound.

Not only that, it uses an advanced bass-reflex design on its audio system, making the bass sound sound smoother and at the same time powerful.

Accompanying the audio system is ASUS SonicMaster technology. This audio technology specially developed by ASUS allows it to produce the best sound through a combination of hardware and software.

Users of this device can also customize the audio system on this AIO PC through the AudioWizard feature.

Price of ASUS AIO 22 (V222F)

Complete Connectivity

As a modern computing device, the ASUS AIO 22 (V222F) is certainly equipped with various facilities for connectivity. Starting from connectivity using cables, it is equipped with various ports.

Like USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A, HDMI out, and a combo audio jack. There is also an ethernet port if you want to use a LAN to connect to the internet or intranet.

As for wireless connectivity, the ASUS AIO 22 (V222F) is equipped with WiFi 5 (802.11ac) so that this AIO PC can be connected easily like a laptop.

Another wireless connectivity, namely Bluetooth 5.0, also allows users to connect various wireless devices such as a mouse or headphones.

Optimal for Online Schools

For children who are doing online teaching and learning activities from home or school, the ASUS AIO 22 (V222F) can be used as a mainstay computer.

It comes with a built-in 720p HD Camera which can be used for video conferencing. In addition, this AIO PC is also equipped with a built-in array microphone so you can immediately use it to attend online classes or online meetings.

Price of ASUS AIO 22 (V222F)

ASUS AIO 22 (V222F) is covered by a two-year warranty. ASUS AIO 22 (V222F) is priced starting from Rp. 7,699,000 including mouse and keyboard.

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