#kamisukareview – Many people are looking for ways to get rid of annoying ads on Android phones. The more you come here, the more pop-up ads that make us uncomfortable when using our device.

One of the reasons for many annoying advertisements on Android phones is the large number of free applications that offer paid premium upgrade features. If you don't want ad interruptions, then the user must upgrade the application to the premium level and pay monthly.

How to Get Rid of Annoying Ads on Android Phones

Actually, the existence of advertisements in the use of free applications that we usually download on GooglePlay does have an importance too. Without realizing it, it becomes a mutually beneficial symbiosis between the application provider and us.

As a result, we can enjoy the application for free without being charged a penny of a monthly or annual premium. The advertisements displayed by the application are the developer's main source of income so that the company's operational costs continue to run.

Also as a royalty to the creator team so that they continue to upgrade the application to keep it more sophisticated and more helpful for the user.

However, sometimes the ads that appear are really very annoying because there are too many and the duration of the display is long and convoluted. Not infrequently it traps us by continuing to direct us from one ad to another.

So in addition to wasting time, of course it also makes internet quota usage wasteful, because watching advertisements is tantamount to wasting quotas.

Besides having to spend money to upgrade to the premium version as a way to get rid of annoying ads on Android phones, you can also use hacked applications.

Unfortunately, these kinds of applications are vulnerable to intruders such as malware and data theft activity. Is it true that you can really remove annoying ads on Android phones?

And is there a safe way to get rid of annoying advertisements on cellphones? The answer is yes, and guaranteed to be safe. Here are tips and how to fix it:

1. Using NoRoot Firewall Application

Using the NoRoot Firewall application

NoRoot Firewall is one of the most effective ad blocking applications and its use is relatively simple. Can eliminate annoying advertisements on cellphones practically.

You only need to download this application on the PlayStore then just choose which application you want to block the ad from, then run this application in the background. After this application starts running on the cellphone, you will be free of advertisements from applications and browsers.

It's that simple.

2. AdBlock Browser

AdBlock Browser

You can easily find AdBlock browser on PlayStore. This is a free application that will automatically block all annoying ads on your cellphone safely.

How to use it is also the same as NoRoot Firewall, you just have to install the application, then choose which application to block the ad, then your cellphone will automatically be free from annoying advertisements.

3. Eliminate annoying advertisements on cellphones with Google Chrome

Eliminate Annoying Ads on Mobile With Google Chrome

It's not as simple as how to use third-party applications like the method above, using Google Chrome is a bit complicated and the following manual steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome application on the smartphone and click on the 3 vertical dots located at the top right.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Find the “Site Settings” option then click the “Pop-ups Redirects” option.
  • Select the toggle which will display a gray screen and cause pop-up ads to block automatically
  • Done

So, those are three simple ways, but they will effectively block or remove annoying ads on your Android phone. Now you can surf comfortably without the interruption of advertisements and safe from firewalls.

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