Smartfren & Grab Improve Driving Safety in Semarang

#kamisukareviewSmartfren working with Grab to provide a special GrabProtect feature for GrabBike, to improve protection for driver-partners and passengers traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This feature is in the form of a separating partition that is placed to provide distance between the driver partners and passengers; and always cleaned regularly using a disinfectant.

Smartfren & Grab Improve Driving Safety in Semarang

Through this collaboration, 700 GrabProtect partitions were allocated for driver partners operating in various regions in Central Java, including Blora, Grobogan, Semarang and Rembang.

The partition was symbolically handed over on 18 November 2020 by Litoco Gunawan, Regional Head Smartfren North Central Java and Ramdan Fitriyadi, City Manager Grab Central Java, Grab Indonesia.

“This collaboration is a form of Smartfren's concern for efforts to ensure health protocols and increase the economic resilience of the Semarang people in the midst of a pandemic.

“Whatever the purpose, going to school or for work, just use the Smartfren internet connection to order GrabBike Protect which is already equipped with an extra protection partition so that everyone can do their activities with a sense of security,” explained Litoco Gunawan, Regional Head of Smartfren North Central Java.

“We are very grateful for the synergy and support of Smartfren in an effort to maintain health protocols and economic resilience in the community. GrabProtect is our innovation so that people no longer have to worry about traveling for school or work.

“Grab partners can also calmly drive passengers. The support from Smartfren means a lot economically and has a social impact, ”said Ramdan Fitriyadi, City Manager of Grab Central Java, Grab Indonesia.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Smartfren has always held various initiatives that are expected to support the smooth running of community activities, both from the educational and economic side.

Smartfren has distributed free starter packs and a number of modems to support the smooth running of distance learning at SMPN 1 Rembang.

Participating in and distributing Study Quota for Students, Teachers and Lecturers in all Smartfren operational areas in Indonesia; and distributing masks to cyclists in Semarang. Smartfren also presents these initiatives in various other regions in Indonesia.

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