#kamisukareview – Applications or download sites for Indonesian sub-films from Korea, Japan, India to Hollywood are everyday and much sought after by millennials. Look for it easy, don't bother having to translate the language, because everything can be enjoyed at the same time with sub titles.

Yups, apart from social media, watching movies is one of the routine activities to relieve fatigue. Even some choices also present a drama that is continuous in long episodes.

For example, many are willing to hunt for applications or download sites for Indo sub films about Korean dramas. Perhaps most of us already understand what is the reason behind “hooking him” and so faithfully follow each series.

Besides not having to spend more money like watching a movie in theaters, watching movies on your cellphone and laptop or PC is also efficient, you can do it anywhere.

If there isn't internet quota streaming we can also download Indo Korean, Japanese, Indian to Hollywood sub films first. Can be downloaded at the spot that provides free wifi to be able to watch later.

10 Applications & Sub Indo Movie Download Sites: Korean, Japanese, Indian

But over time, more and more applications, sites and lists of free download links for Korean, Indian and Japanese favorite Korean sub films and dramas were blocked by the government because they violated the copyright law.

So this time, we will review applications, sites and alternative links to download Korean, Japanese, Indian to Hollywood sub-films that you can try to explore.

You can use this method yourself to watch streaming or even download favorite movies and dramas. Here's the list:

1. Viu


Various quality local dramas starring various famous actors and big screen actors are exclusively available on this application. Today's young people who are active with the most popular drama updates are usually familiar with this application.

There is a Viu Originals category that can only be accessed through the official Viu website and app. If you like watching Korean dramas or following the development of the film, the Viu app is for you.

Various South Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and Indian dramas and films are available here. So you can download Indo sub films here.

2. Iflix


Iflix is ​​also one of the most complete streming entertainment applications. In this application you can find various streaming TV, films, and various interesting entertainment programs.

This Indo sub movie download application is also very easy to access using tablets, smartphones, laptops and Smart TVs. In the Iflix application, you can easily watch Korean, Japanese, Indian movies.

You can find almost all film genres such as comedy, drama, romance, horror, action, even anime and documentaries. Iflix is ​​a practical streaming viewing service with a fairly complete collection of programs both from Indonesia and international entertainment programs.

3. Viki: Sub Indo Korean, Japanese, etc.

Viki: Sub Indo Korean, Japanese, etc. Movie Download Application.

If you are a lover of the best Asian dramas ranging from Korean, Chinese to Indian dramas, then Viki is the right place to watch them.

Viki focuses on the best and free Asian drama watching service providers, of course. So it makes it easier to download favorite Indo sub movies.

You can also enjoy music videos from your favorite K-Pop groups. Viki is a film streaming service application headquartered in the United States. Viki is also a subsidiary of Japanese giant eCommerse company Rakuten.

4. Catchplay

Catchplay Korean Japanese movie download application

Catchplay provides a variety of the latest and best Holliwood box office films, not only that various famous TV programs are also available on this application. Catchplay is a legal application based in the US and is one of the best and largest streaming viewing applications in the world.

5. Youtube


Who does not know Youtube, which is at the top of the list of the most used applications in the world, even beating Facebook and Twitter.

On this website you can find anything, including movies and dramas that you want, provided that you also have to be agile in surfing on Youtube because there are so many choices that you will find in this leading application.

Apart from providing various videos, YouTube is also a warehouse for Hollywood films. If you look a little deeper, you'll be sure to find a channel that lets you watch it for free.

If you are a fan of indie films, YouTube is also a great source of movies. So Youtube can be an alternative application and download site for Indo sub films.

6. Video


This online streaming application is also one of the most complete places to download Indo Sub films with a variety of news, entertainment, soap operas, sports and whatever, almost all of them exist.

Especially if you are a sports lover, you will definitely find satisfaction with this application. You can enjoy live broadcasts of your favorite sports matches or soap operas through Vidio.

The collection of Indonesian and foreign films of various genres in this application is very complete. In addition, there are also interesting drama series from Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and China.

Movies Found Online: Download Link Site for Indo Sub Movies

At Movies Found Online, you can find and download for free a variety of independent films, TV shows, stand-up comedy, short films for documentaries, and more.

Or you can just watch streaming video if you don't want to bother downloading. Movies Found Online is a legal site that provides services so you can download movies.

8. Crackle


Crackle is a free movie provider site that is quite complete and complete. As a site that is owned by Sony, most of the crackle movies are copyrighted and Sony has an amazing collection of movies.

Crackle also offers a lot of popular movies and exclusive TV shows that you probably won't find anywhere else.

9. Retrovision

Retrovision applications and download links for Korean Indonesian sub films

You can easily download movies by category. The appearance of this site is very friendly to anti-complicated users.

Movies are usually easy to find in popular categories such as Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Cartoon, Sci-Fi, Horror, War, Drama, and Western. Or you can select the option “all content” to be able to choose the entire content available.

10. Open Culture

Open Culture

Open Culture is a legal film provider site that offers high-quality films from around the world. Apart from films, Open Culture also provides free online courses, e-books, audio books.

There are thousands of movies that you can download for free. So you can make this an alternative site for downloading Indonesian, Japanese, and Hollywood sub films.

11. Internet Archive: Alternative Sub Indo Movie Download Site

Internet Archive: Alternative Sub Indo Movie Download Sites

Internet Archive is a free legal movie site. From trailers, feature films, short films, and silent films that you can download in the form of torrents. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a collection of music and books on this site.

So, those are the applications, sites and download links for Indo sub films to watch Korean, Japanese, Indian to Hollywood. You can visit all of them if you want to watch the most complete films or dramas, enjoy.

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