Vivo releases Origin OS at the 2020 Developer Conference

#kamisukareviewVivo released Origin OS as a replacement for FunTouchOS at the 2020 Developer Conference which took place at the Shenzen World Exhibition & Convention Center. This latest operating system will be a mainstay of Vivo in strengthening smartphone interface customization.

At the conference held by Vivo, they introduced Origin OS as the best service improvement strategy and Vivo's approach to products and services. By connecting Vivo users with an increasingly sophisticated digital ecosystem.

Vivo releases Origin OS at the 2020 Developer Conference

Vivo releases Origin OS at the 2020 Developer Conference

Vivo Senior Vice-President Shi Yujian said that Vivo will continue to focus on development to meet consumer needs.

In addition, Yujian also classifies the approach in three aspects, centering on products and services that appeal to their consumers and being a bridge between users and the digital world.

The smartphone infrastructure, which is increasingly dynamic and simpler, can be utilized by Vivo developer partners for a more accommodating usage scenario for users.

There are more than 30 Vivo smartphones that will be updated to OriginOS, including those from the X series that have yet to be introduced. Origin OS comes with a new widget design in the form of a square or rectangle.

Vivo calls it the Klotski grid, referring to the similarly shaped Klotski puzzle piece. This widget is equipped with the Nano Alerts feature which always displays the latest information, this widget can be used to display information on weather, flights, and shipments.

Origin OS is also equipped with dynamic wallpapers and can be adapted to real world conditions. Like the display background on the device which can change according to the weather, such as the movement of the wind or clouds, it can change with the day, such as getting brighter at midday or getting darker at night.

Apart from demonstrating the ease of use of the Origin OS, Vivo also demonstrated a series of software updates. This allows users to run complex multi-faceted processes more easily on their vivo devices.

Vivo also announced their latest updates and strategies in the application service sector, mobile games, business partnerships, open technology development, and the IoT ecosystem.

At the 2020 Developer Conference which took place in Shenzen, Vivo also announced that they would expand their market coverage. By adding technology products such as smartphones, smartwatches, and wireless earphones, according to the evolving needs of their consumers.

In addition, Vivo also announced that they have collaborated with several manufacturers of TVs, PCs, technologies such as AR Glasses and transportation systems to provide a holistic multi-screen interactive experience for users.

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