#kamisukareview – In the world of online games, gamers continue to carry out various kinds of maneuvers to make playing games more exciting. Among other things, by using a voice changer application. Usually used on Android phones or iPhones.

Gamers, one of them, often provide sound effects on the voice communication they use in communicating with the team. As seen in the video content of some gamers.

In addition, voice changer applications are usually used to only disguise personal characters. Or for fun to add to the excitement of playing online games.

Like when we have to play with random teammates with completely unknown people, there are several options for this voice changer application such as being the voice of the opposite sex or special voices such as the voice of a robot, monster, chipmunk, echo or even the voice of a ghost.

List of Android and iOS Mobile Voice Changer Applications

The way the voice changer application works for this online game game is to use voice changer technology. Then change the voice input. Then output the modified voice automatically according to the user's choice of the voice changer application.

So when this application is activated, all applications will not only be games such as PUBG, Mobile Legend, Free Fire, but including calls, voice chat, and so on will also change the sound according to the settings in the application.

Here are voice changer applications that you can use while playing games:

1. Voice Changer (AndroidRock)

1. Voice Changer (AndroidRock

We put AndroidRock's Voice Changer in the top position because it is one of the most popular and most downloaded voice changer apps on the Google PlayStore.

This application has been used by tens of millions of users with the highest star rating in similar applications, so the sophistication and capabilities of this application can be sure to be the best.

Various choices of sound effects available on the application are quite varied, including the sound of a squirrel, hoarse person, robot, woman, boy, and several other funny effects.

The menu display, options and menu settings in this application are also simple and straightforward, such as recording sound, applying effects to audio files, saving and editing sounds, and sharing to social media.

2. VoiceFX (MOBZAPP)

This application has several main features that are quite capable, such as streaming microphone to games and media players, live voice player and changer.

Record and play back sound, save and share, and convert sound from existing audio files, such as music or other audio.

Although the best voice changer application for Android and iPhone phones is a free application, the sophistication that this application offers is among the best.

Because the selection of sound effects that are offered includes many and unique ones, such as robots, aliens, children, autotune, male and female voices, various animals, even providing sounds like drunk people, monster voices, space, slow and fast, and various others.

3. Voice Changer Mic for Gaming – StereoMatch

VoiceFX android voice changer app (MOBZAPP)

Voice Changer Mic for Gaming is one of the most advanced voice changer applications available on the PlayStore, this application was originally used for gaming devices such as PCs, laptops, plasyStation, and XBox.

But with additional devices, this voice changer application can be used for Android smartphones. In this application, there are 14 high-quality sound effects that are generated by the noise gate filter from the application.

All of these sounds will continue to run in the background well even though the screen is off. Not only can it be used to play online games, the sound effects can also be compatible with Skype, Discord, cosplay and even phone calls.

4.Robovox Voice Changer Pro (Mikrosonic)

Robovox Voice Changer Pro (Mikrosonic) voice changer application

Besides having features that are not complicated and easy to understand, this application is also one of the voice changer applications with the most voice editing options. Because the developer always makes regular updates to provide the latest features and effects.

Because of this sophistication this application is not available for free, but also not paid monthly. The purchase system in this application is that you will get 30 more kinds of funny, unique and even spooky sound effects by paying Rp. 25,000.

Besides being able to be used to play games, you can also share the sound recordings after using this application in the form of a wav file or it can also be used as an MP3 ringtone.

Because this application is also equipped in three different modes that we can use, namely realtime (must be with headphones), recording, and parrot.

5. Voice Changer With Impressions (Baviux)

5. Voice Changer With Impressions (Baviux)

This Voice Changer App with Impressions output from BAVIUX is also one of the most downloaded voice changer apps on the PlayStore.

This application has been downloaded by more than 100 million users with a high enough rating, reaching 4.4, indicating that this application is one of the best in its class.

In addition to being sophisticated, this application is also very light with only 6.4 MB of storage when downloading, even though it is relatively light, this application also provides many sound processing effects.

There are 40 choices of sound effects, including the sounds of zombies, helium, aliens, animal sounds and many more. The sound processing technology produced by this “voice changer with effects” application has a fast response time with a very clear sound.

And the most advanced is the feature in this application that is able to create sound effects only from text.

So, those are 5 voice changing applications for Android and iPhone phones that you can try to use to play online games on your smartphone, good luck!

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