Blibli Mitra Strengthens Micro Enterprises through Adoption of Digital Technology

#kamisukareviewBlibli Mitra, an omnichannel solution from Blibli, has helped micro merchants and grocery stores to increase business by expanding sales channels through the adoption of digital technology.

The smooth running of retail activities at the micro level is very important to encourage the resilience of the people's economy for the sake of national economic recovery.

Through Blibli Mitra, micro merchants can connect offline stores to the Blibli online ecosystem to provide 12 digital products, including pulses, data packages, game vouchers, electricity tokens, BPJS and PDAMs.

Blibli Mitra has also become the first application on the market to provide loop line train tickets for the Joglosemarkerto train route.

Blibli Mitra opens access to wholesale products that make it easier for stores to replenish merchandise. The competitive prices of both wholesale and digital products allow stores to earn more, thus increasing their income.

Blibli Mitra

Blibli Mitra Strengthens Micro Enterprises

“Blibli Mitra provides online-to-offline, or O2O, technology solutions for micro-businesses throughout Indonesia so that they can manage their business efficiently and increase their competitiveness by going digital.

As an Indonesian e-commerce platform, Blibli supports the acceleration of technology adoption by micro businesses in order to strengthen their resilience to the pandemic.

What's more, the sustainability of micro businesses and grocery stores is crucial for Indonesia's economic recovery because they keep retail turnover at the lowest level, ”said David Michum, Blibli's Vice President Offline-to-Online.

Kemenkop and UKM data states that MSMEs have contributed more than 60% of National GDP. The government is also targeting the modernization of 15 thousand traditional shops to enter the realm of the digital economy.

The role of digital platforms, including e-commerce, is very important to encourage the digitization of stalls and grocery stores by connecting offline stores to the digital realm that includes payment technology, logistics, and products that can be purchased online.

Even one year since its launch in November 2019, Blibli Mitra has recorded a positive performance, where the number of partners has grown to 16,000 stores in 333 cities and regencies throughout Indonesia.

Through its store partners, Blibli Mitra has served the needs of 1 million customers for digital products and consumer goods. Seeing this increase, Blibli Mitra also targets store partner growth to double at the close of the year in December 2020, when compared to the position in October 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further boosted grocery store businesses as customers have restricted visits to shopping centers and have opted to shop for everyday products at stores near their homes.

This change in customer behavior has triggered a growth in orders by partner stores in Blibli Mitra up to 4 times compared to before the pandemic. Most digital products purchased through store partners are pulses and electricity tokens.

Meanwhile, the bulk products ordered by shop partners are ground coffee, instant noodles, and ready-to-drink milk. In order to help maintain the availability of shop goods and the turnover of partners' businesses, Blibli Mitra offers fast delivery.

Services that are facilitated by end-to-end logistics services, namely Fulfillment By Blibli (FBB), which are supported by 20 warehouses and 32 hubs throughout Indonesia. Delivery services are also provided free of charge to save operational costs for partners.

Blibli Mitra also provides various business management features, including cash flow management, financial monitoring, as well as loyalty gamification and brand promotions, so store partners can run their business efficiently.

In addition, Blibli Mitra encourages digital upskilling through intensive partner assistance and provides access to 24-hour seller care.

“In the future, we want to increase the financial inclusion of micro entrepreneurs by establishing partnerships with financial institutions, in addition to developing payment options, including cash-on-delivery (COD),” continued David.

“Store partners are also expected to join the Affiliate program which can increase their income in the future.”

Blibli Mitra is supported by various big fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands, including Unilever Indonesia as one of the market leaders. Hira Triadi, as Head of eCommerce Unilever Indonesia said:

“The spirit of collaboration between various parties, including brands to e-commerce like Blibli, is very important to strengthen micro businesses for economic recovery.

“The collaboration will also help micro businesses face a future full of digital transformation by accelerating the adoption of omnichannel technology, which will indeed expand its application in the retail industry.”

Various solutions and features from Blibli Mitra are in line with Blibli's business strategy, namely Customer Satisfaction First, which includes free shipping, secure payment, 100% for the best quality products.

Starting from 15 days of returns, fast delivery, and 24/7 Customer Care service support, # BecauseKamuNo.1. Especially for Blibli Mitra, Blibli applies a 3-day return service.

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