#kamisukareview – Arena Master 2 is one of the newest PvP battle games developed by Meerkatgames and published by OOLEAN GAMES under the auspices of PT Melon Indonesia. This game that focuses on PvP battle 3 vs 3 gameplay will be released on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

This game will certainly be an arena to compete with other players. Because the gameplay will also rely on the skills of the players, that's why Arena Master 2 is nicknamed the game “Play to Win”.

PvP Battle Arena Master 2 Game Released Soon

In this PvP battle game, there are various kinds of heroes that can be used by players. Just like other PvP battle games, to play a hero in this game, each hero has different skills.

Therefore, players must understand the advantages and disadvantages of each Arena Master 2 hero. In addition, this game also has several game modes that players can enjoy.

The game modes include Duel, Team Deathmatch, Officers and Outlaws. Now, for Team Deathmatch mode, the game will be divided into 2 groups, each of which consists of 3 people.

To determine the winner in the Duel and Team Deathmatch game modes, it is the player or team that has defeated the most opponents. As for the Officers and Outlaws mode, the players will be divided into 2 camps.

Well, for the first camp will be Officers or Police. As for the second camp will be Outlaws or criminals. So to win the game in this mode the Officers must catch all the Outlaws who are hiding and running away.

In this game, players can also buy some of the best items that function to win the game. However, if the players don't want to buy it, Arena Master 2 also has a system where players can get the items they want for free.

One of them is the Trophy system, in this system the players must win the match to get as many trophies as possible. If the number of trophies has reached a certain level, there will be several items including heroes that players can have for free.

Apart from using trophies, players can also transact using crystals obtained by topping up first. Oh yeah, even though this game will only be officially launched on November 25, 2020, you can also enjoy it by installing it Arena Master 2 BETA version which is already available on the Play Store.

Players can also find out more information about this latest PvP Battle game on the official Facebook and Instagram social media Arena Master 2.

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