OPPO Find X3 is equipped with 10-bit image processing

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Apart from the rolled cellphone OPPO X 2021, at the OPPO Inno day 2020 event ago, OPPO also announced the latest flagship OPPO Find X3 which is precisely on the second day of the Inno Day 2020 event, OPPO Find X3 is rumored to support end-to-end 10-bit color and DCI-P3 a wider color gamut for the camera display, this technology ensures shots and quality from the OPPO Find camera. X3 has never existed on OPPO cellphones before, even for Android phones in general.

Camera and Features of OPPO Find X3

OPPO announces a fresher type of image processing on its upcoming flagship Android device, named as a Full-path Color Management System that ensures images or videos are stored at the best quality from the moment the image or video is taken until when it is displayed on the cellphone screen, the latest processing system It has algorithms to see accuracy and perform multi-frame noise reduction, distortion to correction via AI and all 10-bit images will be saved in HEIF format.

8-bit vs 10-bit images


As of now, there is no Android phone on the market that can capture 10-bit photos or videos, in comparison 8-bit images have 16.7 million colors while 10-bit images have 1.07 billion colors, allowing the device to present a wider range of images. and rich colors, there is no news when OPPO will launch the OPPO Find X3 and what is certain is that when the cellphone comes with a new color calibration system, we will see how impressive this flagship cellphone from OPPO is.

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