OPPO X 2021 OPPO's First Futuristic Foldable Phone

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A few days ago, OPPO announced the first concept mobile phone with a 'roll up' folding design at the event OPPO INNO Day 2020, this unique folding cellphone is reportedly referred to as OPPO X 2021, for those of you who haven't seen how folding cellphones work OPPO X 2021 then you can see it on the Youtube channel Sami Tech Tips.

OPPO X 2021 Design and Features

The OPPO X 2021 roll concept cellphone at first glance has a shape like the cellphones we usually see in general with a 6.7-inch OLED screen size, so when the special fingerprint sensor part on the side touches the cellphone screen it can extend up to 7.4 inches, This miraculous fold is due to the OPPO Roll Motor Powertrain technology and the OLED part which has a Warp Track protector, these two technologies aim to make the cellphone folding mechanism smoother and more durable when used.

Specifications and OPPO X 2021


OPPO X 2021, although the first foldable cellphone from OPPO, already offers more promising features than some of the foldable cellphones that are already on the market today, not only from the features and technology, OPPO X 2021 also has an operating system that looks smooth to enjoy various multimedia services,

For example, when watching videos in landscape or portrait mode, the video can also adapt to the increased or folded screen size. Unfortunately, the main features such as the camera lens can be pulled or not yet known, as well as speaker quality and battery capacity whether it will be better. from an existing folding cellphone? Let's just wait for OPPO X 2021 when it is officially marketed.

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