Rumors of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite, Affordable Price for UTG Screen


Affordable foldable cellphone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite, the rumors are being prepared if previously there were rumors stating that there will be a Galaxy Z Fold Lite, however the information on the cellphone seems to be sinking and it may not be available in the near future, while the news that the Galaxy Z Flip Lite even though it has a more affordable price will still present an Ultra screen. -Thin Glass or UTG.

Galaxy Z Flip Lite Design (Rumor)


Rumors about the existence of the Galaxy Z Fold Lite originated from a tweet by DSCC display analyst Ross Young who had previously leaked about several new models of Samsung foldable phones long before its official announcement, Ross Young said that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite is expected to come with Ultra-Thin Glass. (UTG), another source from the Sammobile site, also reported that Samsung is preparing a cheaper folding glass by reducing UTG production costs which makes the presence of the Galaxy Z Flip Lite even stronger.

Galaxy Z Flip Lite Specifications and Prices

For now it is still unclear whether the Galaxy Z Flip Lite will be equipped with a flagship processor or will bring support for 5G connectivity, which we can now find out that even though the price is cheaper, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite will also present a UTG screen, as a folding cellphone. the next one with an affordable price about the launching rumor will be announced next year so please be patient.

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Via: Pocketnow, Sammobile

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