Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 have an under-display camera

Photo: Render of SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD2 From @UniverseIce

We are still talking about the smart foldable cellphone from Samsung, this time the latest rumors about Galaxy Z Fold3 the latest news is the first foldable mobile phone from Samsung to have Under-Display Camera technology, this news was actually reported last October, through a media publication from South Korea Etnews which revealed that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 could be the first mobile phone from Samsung to it has an under-display camera, so the rumors that the Galaxy S21 will use an under-display camera don't seem like much evidence.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Features and Camera (Rumor)


Another source reported by Sammobile, about the screen panel and sensors needed for the under-display camera technology, is currently being developed by Samsung Display and the Samsung Electronics System LSI, to produce an OLED screen that supports Under-Display, rumors of the screen size of the Galaxy Z The Fold 3 will have a larger screen-to-body ratio than the Galaxy Z Fold, especially at the top of the screen to accommodate the under-display camera and will have a thicker UTG screen compared to the previous series.

Different Front Camera Galaxy Z Fold Series

As a note of changes to the front camera of the Galaxy Z Fold, starting from the first edition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold it has a notch style front camera while the latest Galaxy Z Fold2 models arrive with the front camera style in a punch-hole, and rumors for the Galaxy Z Fold3 will be comes with an Under-Display camera that was previously launched by the Axon 20, another rumored feature of the Galaxy Z Fold3 will also have an S Pen feature that allows a foldable cellphone to support the use of the same stylus as the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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Source: Etnews, Sammobile

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