#kamisukareview – New digital internet provider by.U continues to steal attention by continuously providing affordable quota packages to its customers. This time they are offering a cheap internet package by.U with a quota of 50GB for only Rp. 100 thousand.

You could say that the internet packages above are currently the cheapest offers from all other operator providers in Indonesia. by.U is the newest cellular product from Telkomsel.

For your information, previously by.U was known as a package that has a speed of up to 2Mbps for IDR 140 thousand which is valid for 30 days as well. This operator also offers cuan promo every day.

Internet package by.U: 50GB quota, only IDR 100 thousand

During the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused almost everyone to need a large but affordable internet quota to support work productivity and study from home.

Well, by.U is here to be a solution for millennials with cheap internet promos, at a price of Rp. 100,000 subscribers will get 50GB quota which can be valid for up to 30 days.

Reinhard Giofan Pardede, Digital Marketing Strategist by.U in his statement explained “This promo package from by.U is certainly good news for by.U prepaid SIM card customers.

“Because it is very useful to meet the needs of Millennials and Gen Z. The need for internet quota is undoubtedly the primary need at this time, which of course will affect one's performance and productivity if its availability is disrupted,”

This 50GB internet package promo breakthrough is part of the Daily Cuan Promo program held by.U which will last until 7 December.

Previously, by.U had also offered a choice of a 5GB data package for IDR 15 thousand and valid for 14 days, as well as a 25GB package for IDR 50 thousand which is valid for 30 days.

This 50 GB internet promo package can be used to access all browsing needs, live streaming and gaming, to online-based business activities.

By.U also revealed that currently by.U customers are dominated by the student and worker segment who are gen Z and Millennials.

As a digital telco that understands the needs of consumers in various conditions, it will continue to issue very economical promos to provide solutions for Gen Z & Millennials in shopping and managing expenses.

Other Package Prices:

In addition to the 50GB by.U internet package at a price of Rp. 100.000 from by.U, there are also several main quota packages that you can choose from in the following by.U:

Package name Main Quota (Validity Period) Price
Which Makes Close 12 GB (1 day) Rp10,000
Which Makes Clingy 3 GB (14 days) IDR 15,000
What makes you addicted 15 GB (30 days) IDR 50,000
What Makes Everyone's Heart (New) 50 GB (30 days) IDR 100,000
What makes you feel bad (New) 10 GB (10 days) IDR 20,000
What Makes Aman Jaya Really (New) Unlimited 1.5 Mbps (7 days) IDR 40,000
What Makes Aman Jaya Really (New) Unlimited 1.5 Mbps (30 days) Rp140,000
What Makes Aman Jaya (New) Unlimited 1.5 Mbps (1 day) Rp10,000

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