#kamisukareview – It is common to have several groups WhatsApp (WA). But how come many are looking for ways to deal with slow cellphones because of the WA group in it? Oh, it turns out that most groups in the application are causing problems.

Starting from groups of work partners, school alumni, family groups, to hobby forum groups, everything is important. Because it is very important to have our presence in WA or Whatsapp contacts not leave the group.

But sometimes some of these groups often share videos and photos which over time will make files pile up. As a result, the cellphone is slow due to the storage media being full and can make cellphone performance decrease.

Slow HP Due to the WA Group

Finally, how to deal with a slow cellphone because the WA or Whatsapp groups pile up are much sought after. When it was new, the phone felt very light and smooth in operation. As the phone is used more and more, of course there will be the addition of several applications.

Then there is a buildup of data storage on the cellphone which will make it slow down over time, this is a natural thing.

Actually, the causes of smartphones being slow and not smooth are very many factors. However, the most common cause of this is due to the accumulation of files on the internal storage media

Well, slow cell phones occur due to accumulation of data such as video files, images and text. Most of these files come from various submissions from the WA group.

Slow HP Due to the WA Group

How to set the cellphone is not slow because of the WA group

The ways that you can do to speed up the performance of the WhatsApp application are:

  1. Open WhatsApp
    If your WhatsApp application is not up to date, it's better to update it first.
  2. Click the 'Column Button'
    This button is generally located at the top right of your cellphone screen.
  3. Select 'Settings' or 'Settings'
  4. Select “Data Usage” or “Data and Storage Usage”: Data usage on each application will be displayed in order from largest to smallest. You can observe which applications are consuming the largest data in bytes or kilo bytes. But just leave this information, you don't need to do anything
  5. Select 'Reset Statistics' or 'Reset Statistics'
    After you click Reset Statistics, all files will be deleted. Each application will show 0 bytes. That means your cellphone seems new and has never been used to open WhatsApp. So you can say that your cellphone is still fresh again.

By dealing with a slow cellphone because of this WA group, you don't need to worry that important data stored on your smartphone will be lost or deleted. All applications are still intact, not a single application or file is missing.

Because actually all the deleted files are junk files due to the operation of WhatsApp. More precisely, this file is a used or trace file due to your use of the WA application.

How to Prevent Smartphones from Slow

So that you don't need to do settings frequently, here are also ways to prevent your cellphone from being slow anymore:

  1. Move file storage from internal memory card to sim card.
    Internal memory card contains only the main files required for the operation of the cellphone.
  2. Turn off message receiving automatically
    If you want to open incoming video messages, pictures and documents, you are required to click the file on the message first.
  3. Frequently clean unused files
    You can remove files that you feel are no longer important manually. But for files in the form of junk, you clean it with a cleaning application, such as a Cleaner Application or something else.

That's how to speed up WhatsApp access without losing applications and files on the cellphone. You can do this setting method when the cellphone is starting to slow down.

It doesn't matter if you do it regularly, there are no side effects. So, it's safe. Good luck.

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