#kamisukareviewAmazfit launches the latest smartwatch series from the wearable range, Amazfit Bip U and Amazfit Bip U Pro. This lightweight and attractive smartwatch is priced at an affordable price.

It is designed to offer the latest health and wellness checks at an affordable price. Smartwatches are packed with technology that will keep users connected to their lifestyle.

We can connect with the fitness level, because this watch can provide important information about health metrics that can be adjusted to the style of the user.

Amazfit Bip U & Amazfit Bip U Pro

The advantages of the Amazfit Bip U Series

Do you need to set goals and improve your fitness? Smartwatch is claimed to be a fitness friend at every step that can help achieve the desired results.

Here are some of the advantages of the Amazfit Bip U Series:

Color Screen

Enjoy a bigger and clearer screen display with this smartwatch. The 1.43 ”HD color screen provides clear images and provides a portal to a variety of excellent functions and features.

The Amazfit Bip U Series is supported by a glass reinforced with 2.5D Corning Gorilla 3, an anti-fingerprint layer plus a resolution of 320 × 302 pixels, all messages and reminders are clear and easy to read. It is available in three colors, namely black, pink and green.

Choose from 50 watch faces to match your style and mood or upload your photo as a watch face. To complement a unique visual experience, the customizable modular design allows the user to choose the information they want to see on the home screen.

Amazfit Bip U & Amazfit Bip U Pro

60+ Sports Modes

The smartwatch provides all the workout data you need right on your wrist with more than 60 popular sports and activities, including running, cycling, yoga, dancing, skating, kickboxing and more.

This smartwatch provides key metrics in real-time to help users exercise more effectively. Amazfit Bip U Pro has built-in GPS which has high precision, while Amazfit Bip U can be connected to the app to indicate the user's position.

Wherever users exercise and whatever they like, the smartwatch can check the distance traveled, speed, heart rate changes, calories burned and other information.

For example whether you exercise in a fat burning zone or a cardiopulmonary strengthening zone which is based on heart rate.

Other Specifications

The Amazfit Bip U series can also be worn while swimming. Water resistant to 50 meters, the Amazfit Bip U Pro can even track your movements and record your workouts in the pool or open water.

Comprehensive health and wellness tracking includes SomnusCar, which monitors deep sleep, relaxing sleep, REM sleep and even a nap. Then it gives a personal score that helps users understand sleep patterns and helps improve the quality of the user's sleep.

BioTracker 2 PPG is a biological optical sensor that measures heart rate 24 hours a week and is powered by OxygenBeats. Can measure blood oxygen saturation.

If you feel unwell, stressed, or are taking part in intense training such as a marathon or vigorous exercise session, you can measure your blood oxygen saturation and get instant feedback on your physical health.

This smartwatch can track your menstrual cycle and ovulation as well as provide reminders and useful information.

Be more relaxed by monitoring your breathing to manage stress. The watch supports stress monitoring and provides breathing exercises that help the user balance stress levels.

The innovative PAI Health Assessment System converts the user's heart rate data and tracked activity into a personalized score that allows the user to understand their physical condition at a glance.

Weighing only 31g, when the smartwatch is fully charged, users can enjoy up to nine days of health and fitness monitoring.

The smartwatch can be synchronized with a number of text messages, emails and notifications from various popular applications on the user's smartphone.

There are useful features on the wrist, including alarms, weather forecasts, Bluetooth music control for cell phones, remote control for cameras, a reminder when users have been sitting too long and find the find my phone function.

This attractive lightweight smartwatch series features many health and wellness tracking analysis features packed into a comfortable lightweight design to help you reach your health goals and make life easier and more enjoyable.

Amazfit Bip U Series Price

Amazfit Bip U Series Price

The Amazfit Bip U Series can be obtained at a special price of IDR 799,000 during the exclusive sales period from 25 November to 2 December 2020. In addition, there is also a bonus voucher of IDR 50,000 for orders via Tokopedia.

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