#kamisukareviewASUS presents the ExpertBook P1440F, a business laptop at an affordable price and suitable for UKMB players. Apart from having high flexibility, prices and specifications are designed according to needs.

Why do you need a business laptop? Business laptops are specially designed and come with special features to support business needs such as data encryption features, security features using biometrics, to features that allow upgrades to be done easily.

In addition, business laptops also have to appear more resilient so that the data on them can be protected safely. Choosing a laptop with these features may be easy for large companies that also have larger inventory procurement funds.

Business and computers cannot be separated, especially in the information age such as today where business people must be more agile in carrying out their business processes.

Automation through the use of AI-based software is also often used to ensure teamwork and overall business processes can run smoothly.

Of course, all that requires a computer that is compatible with modern software and has high processing capabilities so that no business processes are hampered.

The advantages of the ASUS ExpertBook P1440F

The advantages of the ASUS ExpertBook P1440F

For SMEs, choosing the right laptop to support business activities can be more difficult. On this basis, ASUS presents it as a business laptop at an affordable price and suitable for SMEs.

Affordable laptops are already on the market, but most of them are laptops for standard consumers and not for business purposes.

Well, the latest ASUS laptop it comes with the essential features needed for business people, from security, durability, connectivity, to portability.


A business laptop should of course be portable enough so that it is easy to carry around. He also adopted the same concept, where this business laptop comes with a portable form and weight.

Its weight stands at 1.6 kilograms and its body size still allows the ASUS ExpertBook P1440F to fit in a standard laptop bag.


The advantage of the ExpertBook P1440F is not in body size or weight, but in flexibility. This business laptop has a 14-inch screen with lay-flat features. This feature allows the screen to be opened up to 180 degrees.

Users find it easier to share the screen display with others. In addition, he has also used an anti-glare feature which makes the screen display clearly visible even when exposed to bright light.

Flexibility goes even further thanks to a very comprehensive port. Starting from modern ports such as USB Type-A and HDMI, to legacy ports such as VGA, they are still present on this business laptop.

The goal, of course, is to provide flexibility so that users can connect their laptop with various devices without using additional accessories or dongles.

asus expertbook business laptops

Connectivity and Convenience

Connectivity options to connect to intranet networks and the internet are also complete on the ASUS ExpertBook P1440F. Besides being equipped with a WiFi 5 module (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 4.1.

For wireless connectivity, it also has a LAN port so that it can still be used in work environments that still rely on connectivity via cables.

Another feature that makes it reliable as a business laptop is its ability to be easily upgraded.

Users can easily access RAM and storage through a service door located at the bottom of this business laptop. Thus, it will be easy to upgrade and maintain.

Powerful ASUS ExpertBook P1440F

Powered by processors up to Intel Core i7, the ASUS ExpertBook P1440F stands out as a laptop that can always be relied on in terms of performance. Through these processors, this business laptop is certain to be able to run various business support applications without problems.

Armed with expandable RAM up to 20GB capacity, the laptop is also reliable for multitasking. Performance is also even more agile thanks to the use of dual storage, namely M.2 SSD and HDD, ensuring short loading and booting times as well as free storage.

Not only that, the P1440F also offers a third storage slot solution using the HDD Caddy which is included in the sales package


As a laptop for business purposes, the ExpertBook P1440F certainly has to have better security features than a consumer-class laptop. The first layer of security is the fingerprint feature which allows this laptop to be accessed using a fingerprint recognition system.

The fingerprint feature not only makes access to the system easier and faster, but also safer because fingerprints cannot be easily replicated.

The next layer of security is the presence of the TPM or Trusted Palatform Module feature on the ExpertBook P1440F. This feature allows avitas and the data in them to be protected by a special encryption system.

Thus, the data in it will remain safe even if this laptop is lost or stolen.

Price of ASUS ExpertBook P1440F


Business activities also cannot be separated from traveling (business travel), so business people certainly need a tough laptop. The ExpertBook P1440F is a robust business laptop and has received the US military endurance test certification (MIL STD-810G).

The laptop has passed seven military-standard extreme tests, including operating tests in extreme temperatures and altitudes, to operating tests in extreme humidity.

Price of ASUS ExpertBook P1440F

ASUS ExpertBook P1440F is covered by a three-year warranty. In addition, ASUS also provides extra ASUS Premium Care Package which provides special services such as on-site service to its users.

For SMEs who need this laptop, you don't need to worry about price. Because the ASUS ExpertBook P1440F is only priced starting at IDR 6,269,000.

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