by.U is trusted by Generation Z as the Digital Brand of Choice

#kamisukareviewby.U successfully won the title as the brand (brand) choice of Generation Z in Indonesia in the Marketeers Youth Choice Brands of the Year 2020 event. In the award event which was first held by Marketeers, by.U became the winner in the Digital Operator category.

Besides by.U, Telkomsel as the leading digital telecommunication operator in Indonesia as the initiator of the by.U brand also received an award at the same event for the Telecommunication Operator category.

by.U Becomes the brand (brand) of choice for Generation Z in Indonesia

Announcement of winners is made online at the Marketeers XFest 2020 event which will be held on November 25-26, 2020.

Telkomsel's Director of Planning & Transformation Wong Soon Nam said, “We would like to thank the people, especially Generation Z, who have trusted us.

“So that Telkomsel can receive an award in a time full of challenges today. This appreciation is important for us because it is able to show the trust of Generation Z as digital-savvy in by.U, the first digital prepaid service in Indonesia.

“And also Telkomsel as the leading digital telco company in Indonesia, which is able to provide solutions for their various digital activities.

“This award is also an additional spirit for Telkomsel in strengthening the company's digital transformation to bring more innovations that accelerate the adoption of a digital lifestyle in Indonesia”

Since its release in October 2019, by.U has consistently provided flexible services and prioritized the element of personalization, in accordance with the tagline “Everything, Everything” from by.U.

On the telecommunications aspect, by.U allows customers to create their own data packages by simply sliding the slider in the application to determine the size GB and by.U quota validity period

Meanwhile, in terms of digital lifestyle, by.U now also features Mixtape, by.U Podcast, and by.U Discover to enjoy various entertainment content for free with just one by.U application.

These various efforts have led by.U to become the brand of choice for Generation Z in the Marketeers Youth Choice Brands of the Year 2020 event.

The by.U service itself currently has more than 4 million downloaders, of which since March 2020 there has been an increase in the number of downloads by 3.7 million.

This is of course driven by by.U's commitment to continue the transformation carried out by Telkomsel to respond to the changing characteristics of the youth market segment, especially Generation Z, who have a fairly strong adoption of a digital lifestyle.

In providing digital prepaid services, by.U offers data packages based on two approaches, namely based on quota (GB) and internet speed (Mbps), according to customer needs.

One of the quota-based data packages is the 15 GB Addictive package for IDR 50,000 which is valid for 30 days. Whereas Yang Make Aman Jaya is a data package based internet speed from by.U.

One of them is a package that costs IDR 140,000 for 30 days with speeds of up to 2.5 Mbps without any quota restrictions. All data packages can be activated in the by.U application which is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Further information about by.U can be accessed at

Marketeers Youth Choice Brands of The Year 2020 itself is an appreciation for Generation Z's chosen brands. There are 26 cross-industry categories filled with brands that Generation Z deems to be used and recommended.

Winners in each category were determined based on the results of a survey involving 1,300 Generation Z respondents in the age range of 18-25 years across Indonesia, with the majority of them being active students.

Marketeers Youth Choice Brands of The Year 2020 encourages brands to remain creative, innovative, and close to consumers even though they are facing challenging times due to the pandemic.

“The pandemic that occurred in Indonesia has changed the behavior of people who are increasingly adopting digital services in more aspects of life.

“Therefore, this award is expected to be able to encourage by.U and Telkomsel to continue to provide innovative products and services that can assist people in adapting to new habits according to their needs,” concluded Soon Nam.

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