POCO Parted From Xiaomi, Now Is A Single Brand

#kamisukareview – POCO announced that they are leaving Xiaomi and are in serious process of transitioning to become an independent brand. The brand has been known as a focused sub-brand high spec cheap series.

POCO Information will soon become an independent brand along with the announcement of the launch POCO M3. So, now the steps and actions of this brand will be more flexible, no longer locked into a brand strategy or a product strategy from Xiaomi.

Final Phase of POCO Release from Xiaomi

POCO Lunge

POCO, which first appeared in 2018 with the Pocophone F1 as their first and latest product, brought the most advanced chipset at that time.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 support makes it really steal the attention of the market. Because it has an affordable price tag in its class. In fact, until now the Pocophone F1 is still classified as sophisticated and king because it is still able to outperform Latest HP.

In 2019, their parent manufacturer, Xiaomi rested POCO, and only started to restart it in the middle of this year. By launching POCO X2, then POCO X3, although it didn't really steal the public's attention, POCO really rocked the market.

Especially Southeast Asia by launching POCO X3 NFC. This cellphone comes with the slogan “the mid-range killer” which has completely changed the direction of the middle class mobile market.

POCO X3 NFC has been a huge success in the market, selling tens of thousands of its products in less than 1 minute. Revealed at a quick sale event at their official online retail store.

The success of the POCO X3 NFC is due to its various features that are not found on other brands of phones with the same price.

This device has a 120Hz refresh rate on the screen, a 5,160mAh battery with 33W fast charging and is powered by a tough Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G chip.

Final Phase of POCO Release from Xiaomi

Along with the announcement of their latest product POCO M3. POCO officially announced that they are heading towards the final phase to become more than just a sub-brand of Xiaomi.

Yups, POCO will be a separate and independent brand. Things like this are the same as what happened to Realme and OPPO, which are now separated. But it still shares some resources with their parent company BBK.

POCO announced the news about this breakup through the official Twitter account of VP Xiaomi Global, Manu Kumar Jain who shared a tweet that POCO is now separate as a brand and operating independently.

“POCO, which started from the sub-brand Xiaomi, has grown with an identity of its own. POCO F1 is a popular mobile phone. We feel the time is right to let POCO operate on its own, ”he wrote.

POCO also listed three main achievements that have been achieved since 2018. In the announcement, POCO explained that the F1 and F2 Pro series were the main foundation that allowed the company to stand in the flagship segment.

Then the POCO X3 NFC series became a milestone for the company to become king in the middle-class cellphone market and M3 will later try out the HP class at a more affordable price.

Launching Gizchina, for now the company promises to develop its brand with three main production promises, namely developing technology, design and products that will always represent technological evolution.

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