How to Download Youtube Videos on Android Phones Without Applications

#kamisukareview – Youtube is getting more and more popular. This more and more netizens are looking for it how to download videos Youtube on cellphones without applications in 2020. This is done in order to save quota while saving important videos that you want to watch again.

Currently the Youtube application for Android does provide a Download feature so that it can be opened online offline, however the video cannot be saved and saved share to another device.

But, there is a way to download Youtube videos 2020 on an Android cellphone without an easy application, aka without the help of additional applications.

How to Download Yotube Videos on Cellphones Without 2020 Applications

Before entering into these simple steps, of course, we must first know what your advantage is to download Youtube videos in this way?

Why do we need to find a way to download Youtube videos on an Android phone without an application? Of course, the answer is more practical and doesn't require internet quota.

For more complete information, along with an explanation of why many people are looking for information about how to download Youtube videos on Android without an application.

  1. You don't have to use Internet quota to watch the same Youtube video content over and over again if you already know how to download Youtube videos on an Android phone without an application.
  2. Yotube videos can be downloaded copy to another device, or saved on USB Flashdisk to watch with friends or family using a TV set or DVD player which has a video player feature via USB Flashdrive
  3. If the video is long, you can be more comfortable if the video is watched online offline because you don't have to spend all the time watching the video but put it off and continue when you really have time.
  4. If the video you want to see is a tutorial video, you can follow the video over and over and stop it as you like while following the steps of the video.
  5. Make the video part of the video that you make, because there are times when we make a video where we have to take a certain video from an existing video, so you just have to combine it with the video you made.
  6. The method described here can also be used to download videos that cannot be downloaded from the Youtube for Android application to be played online offline.

Actually there are many ways to download Youtube videos on an Android cellphone either with an application or without an application. Well, this time we will share how to download Youtube videos on an Android phone without an application.

To be able to start downloading videos from Youtube, all you have to do is open browser Chrome and enter the Youtube address of the desired video.

In the URL of the video add the letter 'ss' before the post, for example the address of the video you want download is

Then all you have to do is add letters ss before writing youtube so the URL address becomes:

After pressing the button enter then browser will go to the Site page which has a link (link) to the video file via the button marked Download green color. As shown below:

How to Download Youtube Videos on Android Without Applications
Click the green Download button to start downloading the video.

Click the green Download button, to start the download or select the resolution of the video format available by selecting the menu dropdown which is to the right of the button.

Now, after successfully downloading your favorite videos from Youtube, the videos that are already stored on your cellphone or PC can be moved freely to other storage media.

Now we can enjoy videos from Youtube without having to download again or use up quota. In addition, your favorite saved videos can be played back as much as you want or saved, shared with friends. How to download Yotube videos on an Android phone without this application? It's easy, right.

The rise in use of YouTube is due to the easier and faster internet access. Users themselves are also made easy to access via various media.

But one of the devices that make Youtube booming is the use of cellphones. It's no wonder that half the views of all YouTube viewers come from applications on smartphones.

It must be admitted that YouTube has succeeded in becoming a very popular alternative to sharing information and has become a crucial part of global internet users.

Video content on YouTube will continue to grow and print many YouTubers with content that is increasingly useful and needed.

But please also note, with the content on Youtube being diverse, parents often feel worried that their children will see inappropriate content.

So we also need to be able to help prevent children from seeing this inappropriate content. We have to be clever in using Yotube for positive and useful things.

For your information, YouTube was founded in February 2005 and has grown rapidly. According to statistics YouTube has more than one billion users and counting. And every day, people watch hundreds of millions of videos every hour on YouTube and generate billions of views.

When analyzed, YouTube as a whole, and even on mobile devices alone, has reached more viewers aged 18-34 and 18-49 than any cable television network in Uncle Sam's country.

Another interesting thing is, the growth of viewing time on YouTube is accelerating and has increased by at least 50% year over year for 3 consecutive years. Maybe because the cheaper and faster internet access.

The number of people watching YouTube per day has increased by 40% since March 2014 and the number of users visiting YouTube has more than tripled per year. So with a significant increase, how much will this year's increase be?

Another important note is, YouTube has now developed into the second largest search engine in the world, after Google in the first rank. Even though Youtube itself is owned by Google. The closest competitor may be Facebook with Instagram.

With so many YouTube accesses, it is not uncommon for many people to search for information using YouTube and find videos related to the topic they are looking for. So how to download Youtube videos on an Android cellphone without an application is an important trick for them.

When it comes to videos, YouTube itself provides an easy way for people to save online videos and share with others. YouTube videos cover all video topics that people think are important to upload and watch.

Note: The same method can be done when you want to download Youtube videos using a desktop / laptop computer. So how to download Youtube videos can also be used on cellphones and PCs.

Well, that's how to download Youtube videos from cellphones, it's quite easy isn't it. So now you can save your video collection forever on your smartphone.

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