Secrets of Making Movie Like Videos a la Galaxy Note20 Ultra

#kamisukareview – Samsung Galaxy Movie Studio (GMS) 2020 will enter the final stage of the entire series of workshops and knowledge provisioning up to the competition, after nearly two months.

In collaboration with the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) Workshop Cinema Story, Samsung Galaxy Movie Studio 2020 presented mentors namely Gina S. Noer, Sheila Timothy, Yandy Laurens, and Ernest Prakasa.

Samsung really appreciates the enthusiasm of the dozens of young filmmakers who have registered their works and hopes that the selected finalists can continue to be enthusiastic about preparing their best work.

Currently, the finalists are in the stage of making a movie-like video until the work submission limit ends on November 29, 2020.

So, Samsung and the jury, namely Nia Dinata, Yandy Laurens, and Dian Sastro will choose the three main winners in the categories Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Screenplay.

The three winners will be announced at the Samsung Galaxy Movie Studio 2020 Awarding which will be held virtually on December 7, 2020.

Not to forget, one winner of the People's Choice category who was selected based on an open public vote was also announced on the awarding day.

During the process of developing ideas until the promotion phase, 10 finalists were equipped with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra as the main device in making videos like professional films.

With the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, each finalist can maximize all the superior features embedded to support the work of movie-like videos which are ready to be competed with other finalists.

These are the four (4) production stages supported by the Galaxy Note20 Ultra feature to support the finalists when carrying out the entire process of making their work to get the results of a movie-like video:

Develop ideas with Samsung Notes + S Pen

The use of Samsung Notes supports a very efficient idea development and pre-production process by making it easy to take notes, edit, and scribble like on paper in one device, without the hassle.

Notes made using the S Pen provide efficiency for video creators, from pouring out ideas that can come at any time to sharing notes with teammates, as well as a sense of security for their storage.

Samsung DeX to optimize pre-production presentation activities

Features that give users the flexibility to do multitasking. By projecting presentations in pre-production meetings (PPM).

Can be used for discussion of creative ideas, production planning and funding to make the process more efficient and productive with the help of one tool.

The finalists were also given the freedom to explore the shooting process in order to provide more interesting and dynamic video results. The superior feature that is relied on in the production process is of course the camera.

With the Pro Grade Video Mode setting, various high-quality cameras on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra equipped with AI capabilities can produce cinematic videos.

Coupled with the Live Focus feature which provides bokeh results when recording a scene.

In addition, to make the video more cinematic, the finalists can take advantage of several features from recording mode with 8K quality in 24fps and UHD quality in 120fps.

Finalists can choose the recording resolution of 16: 9 and 21: 9, and adjustable zoom speed. Also they can always activate Super Steady, which further supports the creation of professional film-like videos.

And a video like a movie also needs to be supported by good audio, and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra with the Multisource Microphone feature has a mic point source on the front (front), rear (rear) and mono.

The finalists are free to explore more varied shooting scenes using the front and rear cameras without worrying that the audio will not be optimal.

This is also supported by the Audio Zoom feature where the audio recordings are of higher quality and users can select sound sources to avoid background noise.

When making promotional materials, the finalists are facilitated to be creative in making promotional materials through Samsung Notes which can later be converted into PDF or image format, as well as PowerPoint or Word (for writing).

The converted files can be freely shared via online storage such as OneDrive or Google Drive, as well as shared via Outlook.

Taufiq Furqan, Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Mobile Samsung Electronics Indonesia also added, “In terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a fairly large battery capacity, 4500mAh.

So as to provide comfort for the finalists during the long production process. Plus there is 25W super fast charging where the battery can be charged up to 50% in 30 minutes.

Also supported by adaptive Variable Refresh Rate technology according to user activity starting from 60Hz to play video up to 10Hz when only opening an image. Of course, this makes the battery used more economical. “

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