#kamisukareview – The strategy of using food photos for a culinary business is increasingly important. The reason is, online business trends in 2020 are increasing rapidly along with the arrival of the pandemic. And many people spend their time at home honing their sales skills.

Various social media platforms to marketplaces have become a means for people to sell and look for various daily needs, including food.

Therefore, good food photography is one of the success factors in selling online for business people. And an attraction for consumers to buy a product.

Food Photo Tips for a Culinary Business Using the Galaxy A21s

Food Photo Tips for a Culinary Business Using the Galaxy A21s

Samsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN) introduced the latest variant of the Galaxy A21s which comes with new colors, larger memory, and support for quad camera technology to support user activities, especially online business people to produce the best photo content.

Of the total online sales transactions, the category that is the people's favorite is foodstuffs as much as 51 percent.

“The phenomenon of high online sales of food ingredients is a great opportunity for Galaxy users who have a culinary business to create food photography content or food photos that are awesome for their business.

“By utilizing the latest Galaxy A21s, which comes with 6 / 128GB memory which can be expanded up to 512GB and a quad camera with 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra wide, 2MP macro, 2MP depth,” said Irfan Rinaldi, Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Photography and the culinary business are things that go hand in hand. With the ability to take good pictures, Galaxy users can provide added value to the culinary business they are running.

By using the right technique and the support of an Awesome quad camera, quality food photos or content can be produced using the new Galaxy A21s.

In addition, large memory support can provide flexibility for users to work endlessly to get more Awesome content to support their business.

In the Galaxy Creator Workshop: Create Awesome Content For Your Business and the launch of the latest variant of the Galaxy A21s (23/11), Berry Phan, Founder Jasafotojakarta provided 5 easy hacks to create food photo Awesome content, especially for Galaxy users who are engaged in the culinary business.

Pay attention to light sources

Light is one of the most important aspects of photography. The light reflection we receive can give a photo various shapes, textures and character.

In taking food photos, it is necessary to pay attention to various light sources and the location where the light is located. Use the Back Lighting technique (Light source from behind) and Side Lighting (Light Source from the Side).

This will give the light and shadow more character resulting in even more Awesome content.

With the Pro-Mode of the Samsung Galaxy A21s, users can easily manually adjust ISO, White Balance and Exposure so they can better control the light they want.

Adjust Light Quality As Needed

In producing tantalizing food photo quality, it is very important to know the characteristics of the lighting used. Apart from light sources, light quality is also an important role that must be considered.

The quality of light that is too harsh (Hard Light) will add a higher level of contrast, so that the photo looks more shaded and details make it more difficult to show food details in the photo.

With a softer light (Soft Light), the photo will provide a more even color gradient. In producing the Soft Light, you can use a reflector or semi-transparent cloth at home such as curtains to filter out the quality of light that is too big and sharp.

food photography

Maximize the Use of a Smartphone

Displaying attractive visuals certainly requires support on the device used. The Quad Camera technology on the new Galaxy A21s provides a wide selection of lenses that can be tailored to the user's needs.

Take advantage of the 48MP F2.0 main lens to produce sharp and clear food content, as well as the 8MP F2.2 Ultra-Wide lens to show ambience around food.

In addition, take advantage of the 2MP F2.4 Macro lens to reveal the smallest details on food and the 2MP F2.4 Depth lens to add focus to food and provide a dramatic bokeh impression.

In essence, explore the various lenses on the new Galaxy A21s quad camera technology that can produce a variety of awesome content, perfect for business people who want to show off their products on a digital platform!

Provide Additional Property

An element that is no less important in taking Food Photography is adequate supporting properties. By choosing a property color that matches the background color, make your food photos stand out more.

To give the effect of a larger portion of food, use a plate that matches the size of the meal. The more minimal selection of properties will make food photos clearer and more prominent, less is more!

Negative Space, what is it?

Create harmonious and balanced content by leaving empty space in the photo. Negative Space in a photo is the space around the main focus of the photo.

Empty space (Negative Space) provides a more balanced composition so as to provide space for the main object to tell stories. So you can focus more on seeing the food in the photos, and guaranteed to make you hungry!

Consumers can have the new Galaxy A21s with 128GB of memory that can be expanded up to 512GB, premium Quad Camera features, a 5,000 mAh battery and a smart Exynos 850 processor that saves power for Rp. 3,099,000.

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