OPPO Holds The Joy-Full OPPO Sale, Cashback of Up to 1 Million Rupiah

#kamisukareview – Welcome Christmas and enliven the end of 2020, OPPO event title The Joy-Full OPPO Sale that took place starting today (30/11). At the end of this year, consumers can get added value and special offers.

Products that are served such as: Reno4 series, A92 6GB, Enco series, OPPO Watch seriess. In addition, on this occasion, OPPO introduced the presence of two new products, namely OPPO A11k and OPPO A15.

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OPPO Holds The Joy-Full OPPO Sale

“With the The Joy-Full OPPO Sale event, we intend to provide an atmosphere of joy at the end of this year by giving discounts on several OPPO smartphone devices up to 1 million rupiah and IoT devices up to 500 thousand rupiah.

“With this campaign, we hope that people can get more affordable smartphone and IoT devices so they can enjoy the latest OPPO technology,” he said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO Indonesia.

Device Normal Price The Joy-Ful OPPO Sale Price
OPPO Reno4 F 4,299,000 4,099,000
OPPO Reno4 Pro 7,999,000 6,999,000
OPPO A92 6GB 3,599,000 3,399,000
OPPO Find X2 14,999,000 13,999,000
OPPO Watch 46mm 4,499,000 3,999,000
OPPO Watch 41mm 3,499,000 2,999,000
OPPO Enco W51 1,299,000 1,099,000
OPPO Enco W31 999,000 799,000
OPPO Enco W11 599,000 499,000
OPPO Enco M31 699,000 599,000

Some attractive offers can be obtained by consumers in the form of cashback both on OPPO smartphone or IoT products. Cashback the largest given to the Reno4 Pro device of one million rupiah, this device can now be obtained for Rp. 6,999 million.

Meanwhile, the popular OPPO device, Reno4 F cashback worth 200 thousand rupiah. OPPO A92 6GB also gets cashback worth 200 thousand rupiah so that consumers can buy this device for Rp. 3,399 million.

OPPO IoT devices are also getting cashback various. OPPO Watch series get cashback 500 thousand rupiah, now the OPPO Watch 46mm is sold at Rp. 3,999 million and the OPPO Watch 41mm sold at Rp. 2.999 million.

Meanwhile, TWS Enco series received cashback which varies from 100 to 200 thousand rupiah. Not to forget, the Find X2 device also gets it cashback up to one million rupiah and the opportunity to get TWS OPPO Enco W51 for free – only with the applicable terms and conditions.

The Joy-Full OPPO Sale takes place from 30 November 2020 to 31 December 2020. This event takes place simultaneously throughout Indonesia.

Either through online sales on leading e-commerce sites or offline sales through the OPPO Store and shops that sell OPPO smartphone devices throughout Indonesia

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