#kamisukareviewASUS presents Chromebook C214 and C204 as the best devices for kids. As the name implies, both are Chrome OS-based laptops specifically designed for use in the educational field.

Education in today's modern era cannot be separated from digital devices such as laptops. Not only for college students and school students with adolescence, children at an early age have started to be introduced to computing devices such as laptops.

The advantages of the ASUS Chromebook C214 & C204

The advantages of the ASUS Chromebook C214 & C204

The introduction of computing devices from an early age is not only aimed at introducing technology to children. Today's modern laptops can also be interactive learning support devices for children.

However, not all laptops are suitable for use by children. Laptops for children should be designed differently. Besides having to have a compact and lightweight form, laptops for children are also required to come with better durability.

Laptops for children also don't need very sophisticated features, but they can still be used interactively and support many educational applications. That's why ASUS has presented the Chromebook C214 and C204.

Laptops for Education

As the name implies, both are Chrome OS-based laptops specifically designed for use in the educational field. In other words, the Chromebook C214 and C204 are kid-friendly laptops.

As the number one laptop manufacturer in Indonesia, ASUS understands that the need for educational laptops for children is very much needed in Indonesia.

ASUS Chromebook C214 & C204 Key Specifications

Compact and Lightweight Design

ASUS Chromebook C214 and C204 are Chrome OS based laptops that are intended as educational computers. On that basis, ASUS brings a variety of special features to these two laptops, one of which is its compact and lightweight design.

This educational laptop comes with a maximum weight of only 1.2 kilograms, making it easy to travel even for children.

In addition, both laptops are very compact, easy to fit in a child's school bag, and have an 11.6-inch screen that is ideal for novice users.

Anti Glare Screen

Talking about the screen, the laptop is equipped with an anti-glare screen so children can use this laptop outdoors thanks to the anti-glare feature that is already installed on the screen.

This will certainly be very useful so that children can continue to do outdoor activities with their laptop.

Unlike laptops in general, laptops used by children have a higher risk of damage. This is normal considering that most children are more active than adults.

Special Protection

For this reason, the ASUS Chromebook C214 and C204 are equipped with various special protection features so that these two laptops are not easily damaged.

First, the keyboard is equipped with spill and tamper resistant features. Both of these features make the keyboard on this ASUS Chromebook resistant to spills.

It also has a stronger key caps so it is not easy for children's fingers to pry it out. The keyboards of both laptops have even passed extreme endurance tests and can withstand up to 10 million presses for each key.

Second, the laptop comes with a 3D-textured finish. In contrast to consumer laptops in general, which on average use a brushed finish.

The 3D-textured finish makes this ASUS Chromebook more resistant to scratches. The finishing on the body is also designed so that it doesn't easily leave fingerprint marks after being held.

Third, this educational laptop is equipped with a protective layer made of rubber around the body. This protector will protect the body when it is dropped or hit.

The internal parts of the two laptops are also reinforced with a special metal structure so that the whole body is more resilient.

Interactive and Productive

It is a perfect laptop for children's education. Chrome OS has a number of apps and services specifically for education that are widely used, such as Google Classroom.

Chrome OS also has a simple interface that is easier for children to use. In addition, Chrome OS can also run Android applications through the Google Play Store.

The ease of operation and support for Google services make the ASUS Chromebook C214 and C204 powered by Chrome OS the right tools for children's education.

Price for ASUS Chromebook C214 & C204

Touch Screen Based

To increase the user experience, the laptop comes with touch screen technology that supports up to 10 touch points. Thanks to this feature, children can learn more interactively through touch gestures that have been supported by Chrome OS.

The touch screen feature is also very important considering Chrome OS also supports the use of Android applications that are designed for touch screens.

ASUS Chromebook C214 & C204 Key Specifications

Especially for the ASUS Chromebook C214, the type of screen presented is a flip screen that can be rotated up to 360 degrees, so that this laptop can be used like a tablet.

ASUS even provides a special stylus so that the ASUS Chromebook C214 can also function as a digital drawing board, ideal for children's creativity.

Injected Intel Celeron N4000

The ASUS Chromebook C214 and C204 are powered by the Intel Celeron N4000 processor which is powerful enough to run various educational applications found on Chrome OS.

Both are also equipped with 4GB of DDR4 RAM memory so they can be relied on for multitasking on Chrome OS, as well as up to 32GB of eMMC storage.

It also comes with a free one-year subscription to the Google One service. These services include cloud storage (cloud storage) up to 100GB.

Complete Connectivity

As a modern laptop, it also excels when it comes to connectivity. Both of these laptops come with various ports ranging from USB Type-A and Type-C, combo audio jacks, to MicroSD card readers.

The USB Type-C port found on these two laptops even supports USB Power Delivery technology and can be used as a display output.

As for the wireless connection, this laptop relies on WiFi 5 (802.11ac) so that these two laptops can connect to the internet practically and easily.

In addition, there is also a Bluetooth 5.0 feature for connecting other additional devices. This laptop is also ideal for use as an online learning device because it is equipped with an HD camera.

One of the highlights of the ASUS Chromebook C214 and C204 is the durability of the battery. Both can last up to 11 hours of use, quite enough to accompany children's learning activities all day long.

Price for ASUS Chromebook C214 & C204

Finally, laptops are very easy to maintain. Almost all of the core components on this laptop can be accessed easily, making it very suitable for use as a learning device in schools.

The ASUS Chromebook C214 is priced at IDR 5,069,000, while the ASUS Chromebook C204 is priced at IDR 5,389,000.

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