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ASUS Vivobook M409D

Need a laptop for home study or WFH? Now there are many cheap laptops. One of them ASUS Vivobook M409D. This laptop has qualified specifications for those of you who want to study or work at home. The price is also not too expensive for students' pockets.

ASUS Vivobook M409D Review

To find out more about this laptop, here is a complete review of the ASUS Vivobook M409D.

ASUS Vivobook M409D Review


In terms of design, this laptop is similar to the VivoBook Flip 14. From the outside it has a simple and lightweight design. With a thickness of only 2.3cm and weighing only 1.6kg, it certainly doesn't bother you to carry it anywhere.

An elegant design combined with solid build quality materials, makes this laptop even more rigid. The trackpad and keyboard feel solid and don't bend or flex when pressed. But saying the keyboard is not equipped with backlit.

ASUS Vivobook M409D Review

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Keyboard and Touchpad

ASUS VIvobook M409DA has a QWERTY keyboard with a standard layout. Spacing between keys (comfortable enough for fast typing.

The touchpad is also responsive, using with two, three, or four fingers is also fine. The size is also big enough so it is comfortable for you to operate.

ASUS Vivobook M409D has a VGA quality webcam. Quite adequate, although don't expect too much. When I tried it with the Zoom application, the image appeared quite bright but it did have noise. Especially when the conditions are low-light.

ASUS Vivobook M409D Review

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For the screen itself, the ASUS M409DA is equipped with a 14-inch LED-backlit screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels which supports a 60Hz refresh rate, which is sufficient to accommodate learning and work activities. The quality of color contrast and brightness is quite good and comfortable on the eyes even though you don't use the IPS type.

In general, laptop screens are relatively sharp and clear. The screen frame is also thin thanks to the NanoEdge Display which makes the screen look more spacious even though the size of the laptop is compact.
So that you can use it in outdoor conditions, this laptop has an anti-glare feature. That way the light from behind couldn't bounce off the display.

ASUS Vivobook M409D Review

SonicMaster audio

Interestingly, ASUS is still adding SonicMaster Technology to the Audio on this laptop. With this technology ASUS combines digital processing and the speakers and resonance chambers are capable of producing quality sound.

Even though the bottom has a small gap on the side of the body, ASUS outsmarted it with the ErgoLift system, which makes the laptop body lift when you open the screen, so that the resonance space in the body functions properly.

ASUS Vivobook M409D

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ASUS Vivobook M409D performance

How is the performance of this laptop? For a laptop that can be used to study and work, it seems that the AMD Athlon Gold 3150U processor is sufficient. Moreover, ASUS also added it with 8GB of RAM memory.

To just work using micoroft office and internet applications, this laptop is more than enough, moreover, the storage memory on this laptop also uses an SSD which is very helpful in processing speed.

When used for WFH, this laptop is very smooth without any problems. Even though we use this laptop for quite heavy work activities, both browsing with multiple tabs, typing (both with applications on the laptop and online. In addition, we also use it for light photo editing and making video calls, etc.)
This ASUS M409D has a pretty good upgrade where accessing the RAM and SSD slots is very easy just by opening the back panel.


For battery strength, using a Lithium-ion battery, this laptop promises to use for about 8 hours. The duration is very, very adequate for work, especially for those who WFH have to be online all day. We tested using this laptop to watch one movie streaming, the battery capacity dropped from 80% to 50% only.

Not only is it efficient in usage, the battery it has also has the ability to charge the battery relatively fast, which is about 1 hour to reach ± ​​80%.


ASUS Vivobook M409D is equipped with a fingerprint sensor in the top corner of the touchpad. When we try to use this feature it can work responsively and quickly.

The ports and slots are complete, such as USB 3.0 Type-C, USB 3.0 Type-A, USB 2.0, HDMI, and 3.5mm audio. As for the connection feature, support is available for Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2. In addition, there is also a microSD card reader.

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