#kamisukareview – Laptops have become a necessity that is no less important for modern professionals. But sometimes laptop batteries run out quickly, so many are curious about solutions to solve this problem.

Not only office workers and students, school students and even unemployed gamers can not be separated from their daily lives with laptops.

Apart from being light and simple, the existence of a battery as a power store is of course the main factor why laptops are more widely used today than computers (PCs).

Tips on How to Overcome a Quickly Running Laptop Battery

Since laptops were first marketed until now, complaints about laptop batteries that leak or even not being able to store power at all, aka without being charged, the laptop will run out quickly or die immediately, there are always everywhere.

Of course this will hinder performance and reduce the effectiveness of the laptop as a practical object. Well, this time review1st will discuss what factors make laptop batteries run out quickly. But first, let's diagnose the problem first:

1. Fully Charging the Laptop Battery

Get into good habits before using the laptop, especially if the laptop is new and the battery has not leaked. namely by first fully charging the battery up to 100%.

Usually this will not take too long, just 2 to 3 hours of spare time. In addition to making the battery more durable, its durability also adds to the comfort when using a laptop.

Isn't this a good habit of taking care of our workpieces? Then do it.

2. Set Battery Power to Battery Saver

Set the power options for laptop battery usage by turning Battery Saver on Windows 10 by left clicking the message icon in the lower right corner then activating the power saving mode.

Or on using Windows 7/8 / 8.0 you can click the battery icon in the lower right corner, then activate ballance mode, then set Turn off the display on the battery to Never and also set Put the computer to sleep to Never.

3. Setting up Hibernate & Low Battery Options

Then configure the Hibernate options by means of Power Optios> Change Plan Settings> Advance Settings> Battery> Set it to hibernate. Next set Low battery level to 5%.

4. Let your laptop battery drain by itself

Furthermore, during the calibration process, let your laptop turn on and the battery runs out by itself. Then, recharge your battery until it is full again.

Make sure you don't use a laptop while this calibration process is running. After the battery calibration process is complete, you can return the Power Plan to its original choice.

5. Install Smarter Baterry

Now after that, download the Smarter Battery application. This application functions as a battery monitor for laptops which is intended to provide all battery data to you. This application is also able to extend and save your battery.

The Cause of the Laptop Battery Draining Fast

The Cause of the Laptop Battery Draining Fast

Laptop users often underestimate the health of their laptops, especially if the laptop has been used for a long time, and this is what makes laptop batteries run out quickly.

Ignorance is not only due to ignorance, but also the user's negligence. However, for those of you who don't know the following reasons why your laptop battery runs out quickly:

Your laptop is used to do tough work.

Laptop capabilities are affected by built-in specifications. Good laptop specifications will be able to carry out even tough work.

Vice versa, if the specifications are low, then if you are forced to do heavy work, the components inside will be damaged.

As a result, the laptop will work hard and heat easily. This will make the laptop battery run out quickly and reduce its quality. Internet use also triggers a wasteful battery.

Laptops will also go the extra mile if the network on the internet is bad, the laptop will heat up and affect the battery. As a result, when used, the laptop battery will be wasteful.

Laptop use is too long.

Laptops that are used for a long time will make it easy to overheat. When you use the laptop for hours even when the battery runs out, it will cause damage to the components in the battery.

The system will become hot if the laptop is used for a long time. So that it will have a bad impact on other components, including the battery. The impact that occurs on this one component is usually the laptop battery runs out quickly.

Using laptop while it is being charged.

This is the main cause of most laptop batteries to leak, especially if you let the laptop continue to be charged while operating with a fully charged battery, dangerous and very risky.

Charging the laptop and putting it on immediately will suck up the charged power. Thus, the charged battery will not be completely charged. If you don't want your laptop battery to leak quickly, then avoid this kind of behavior.

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