OPPO Reno5 Review: OPPO's Perfect Star in the Beginning of 2021

GadgetSquad.ID – The OPPO Reno5 review opens up the universe of OPPO cellphones that will fight in 2021. Since its introduction, OPPO Reno5 has been quite curious about many parties. How can you not be curious, because OPPO cleverly provides information about Reno5 slowly, not all at once.

Starting in terms of appearance, to the quality of the Reno5 shots, all of them are informed by OPPO slowly, but surely. But in the end, consumers' curiosity in the country, about OPPO Reno technology, was answered.

Ahead of the launch, OPPO finally dismantled the entire Reno5 technology which will make its official debut on the Indonesian cellphone market January 12, 2021. Let you fall in love with OPPO Reno5, see the following review.

Being the successor to the success of Reno4, the attractiveness of OPPO Reno5 is visible in terms of appearance. Yup, it's hard not to fall in love, when you see the physical appearance of OPPO Reno5. Available in two color choices, Starry Black and Fantasy Silver, the Reno5 design looks so stylish.

The aura of beauty of the OPPO Reno5 is very visible when you browse the rear body, especially the Fantasy Silver variant. Using the Diamond Spectrum process as the base, the OPPO Reno5 Fantasy Silver gives the cellphone a finishing touch with an enhanced Reno Glow effect.

The result is a silver color that is different from usual. Fantasy Silver, which covers the body of the Reno5, can project thousands of colors when viewed from different angles. Each of these colors shines and shines in a distinctive way.

Interestingly, even though there is a glowing texture touch on the rear body, it makes the Reno5 still comfortable to hold, because it is not slippery. Based on the data obtained, Reno5 is indeed continuing the previous OPPO Reno's DNA, where there is always a thin, light, and easy to use body design.

Even though this smartphone is equipped with higher specification hardware, the size and weight of the OPPO Reno5 are still kept to a minimum. Its thickness has been compressed to just 7.7mm (Fantasy Silver is roughly 7.8mm due to added color effects), and the smartphone's total weight is only 171 grams.

Still a matter of design, the touch of the silver list that surrounds the body of the Reno5 adds an aura of luxury to the appearance of Reno5. On the list itself, there is a power button, volume button, sim card slot, microSD, 3.5mm audio jack, and a USB Type-C port.

Still in terms of the exterior. The luxurious appearance of the Reno5 rear body is even more perfect with the presence of a 6.4-inch screen diameter. The screen itself carries AMOLED with Full HD + resolution. The OPPO Reno5 brings an edge-to-edge display with a screen-to-body ratio of 91.7%.

This is achieved thanks to the advanced COF packaging, which further narrows the bottom frame of the phone by about 27%. When compared to the Reno4, the frame size has narrowed from 5.53mm to 3.98mm.

OPPO Reno5 also presents a contemporary front view, with a punch-hole selfie camera design. Appealing screen display, is directly proportional to its performance. When explored, the screen looks real and stunning, this is inseparable from the Reno5 display refresh rate which reaches 90Hz.

The screen display is sharp and natural, giving a special sensation when you get the most out of this cellphone by playing various high-quality shows, including when playing mobile games. In general, the appearance and performance of the Reno5 screen is very pleasing to the eye.

Not wanting to mince words about mainstay features, GadgetSquad immediately focuses on the imaging facilities that Reno5 has. Why the imaging menu? because OPPO developed this successor to Reno4 with above-average imaging quality.

This latest OPPO hero, looks confident with the 4 camera technology embedded in the rear body. The four cameras are designed as an inverted 'L' shape, and are positioned in a frame with rounded corners.
Regarding the composition itself, the main Reno5 camera has 64MP optics alongside an 8MP ultra-wide lens, 2MP macro and 2MP mono.

While on the front is a 44 MP selfie camera. The lens composition offered by OPPO Reno5 is indeed very promising, but are the results of the shots also capable?

OPPO has been known as a fairly good vendor, presenting cellphones with quality imaging quality. GadgetSquad felt this again when examining the Reno5 camera features. Various technologies are embedded in the Reno5 camera, allowing GadgetSquad to freely explore this cellphone when capturing various interesting moments.

One of them, utilizing AI Scene Enhancement, OPPO Reno5 can provide optimizations that are adjusted for color / saturation / brightness for certain scenes that are recognized by the AI ​​algorithm when taking photos.

When tested to take moving pictures, the OPPO Reno5 camera can produce clear photos. This condition is due to the presence of ICE technology. which allows the OPPO Reno5 to take clearer photos even when the subject is moving. This feature is very useful in capturing sports images, such as when you are cycling.

Another feature that is a pity to miss when exploring the Reno5 camera is the AI ​​Color Portrait facility, which was previously also present in the Reno4 series. Well, the photos of the AI ​​Color Portrait feature on Rone5 look much smoother and tidier. Just one click, you can take pictures with different artistic color compositions.

For Selfie lovers, don't forget to maximize “Ultra-Night Selfie Mode”. When the Ultra-Night Selfie Mode feature is active, the 44MP front camera on OPPO Reno5 can still produce bright and natural selfies, even in low light conditions.

You are also experimenting with making night photos by maximizing the Night Flare Portrait menu. The Night Flare Portrait feature is an exclusive OPPO menu that creates clear and bright night portraits with a natural bokeh effect.

The results of the OPPO Reno5 camera photos according to GadgetSquad are satisfying. But it's not just the photo quality that makes Reno5's imaging menu so special. Reno5 is also good at producing moving content or video.

There are so many technologies that make Reno5, able to produce attractive videos. Call it “AI Highlight Video” which is the first feature in the industry to use an AI algorithm, to detect light conditions and automatically based on different scenarios. The cool thing is that this feature is available for the front and rear cameras.

There is also an AI Mixed Portrait facility, this feature allows OPPO Reno5 to have the ability to combine portrait videos with background videos. To test this menu is very easy, just click the more menu in the video facility, then select AI Mixed Portrait.

In the process, AI Mixed Portrait will present a video effect with double exposure on smartphones. This feature presents two different artistic modes, so that users can adjust when the portrait video blends with the video in the background.

Still about video, Reno5 also has a Dual-view Video menu embedded. As the name implies, when this feature is active you can take video images from the rear and front cameras simultaneously. This menu is perfect for those of you who want to make a vlog video, so it's more attractive.

In general, the features and video quality of Reno5 are very capable. All technologies can collaborate with each other to produce classy videos. According to GadgetSquad, for those of you who want to become YouTubers, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the results of the OPPO Reno5 video.

What's more, you can easily create all of your Reno5 camera shots into interesting content, because this cellphone is equipped with the SOLOOP video editor application.

The OPPO SOLOOP video editor, now accessible from the camera interface, offers the latest, more interesting features. The new SOLOOP features at OPPO Reno5 include, Auto Generate and Shoot Like an Influencer with SOLOOP Templates.

Hardware & Software
Speaking of hardware, the Reno5 runway innards are armed with a Snapdragon 720G processor combined with 8GB RAM. There is 128GB of internal memory available which, if less, can be added with microSD up to 256GB.

What Oppo offers in the hardware sector, according to GadgetSquad, is already one of the best ammunition in its class today. Because of this, GadgetSquad did not encounter many obstacles when driving the OPPO Reno5 “machine” in carrying out various activities, from office to entertainment.

For example, when you maximize Reno5 playing various “heavy” mobile games, the performance is smooth without any lag. In addition, the screen quality with a refresh rate of 90Hz, when you feel the benefits when GadgetSquad tests the Reno5 with heavy games like PUGB and the like.

Switching about the software, Oppo Reno5 will run ColorOS 11.1 based on Android 11. ColorOS 11.1 itself, bringing additional menus that make Reno5 even classier. The menu is like Always-On Display, where users can adjust the screen display always, just by looking at the display.

There is also a Flex Drop facility. When this feature is active, you can choose the Reno5 display, starting from the full screen, small screen (interactive), and mini screen (display only). Through the combination of full and small / mini screens can realize multi-tasking capabilities and provide smooth switching between screens.

Another special menu that shouldn't be missed to be maximized is Gamer Mode. For lovers of mobile games, the Game Mode menu will be very useful, you can really focus on the game, then this feature will block messages and disable the actual screen and phone buttons.

Still related to the comfort of playing games, Reno5 has the Adjustable Gaming Touch facility available. The touch panel and optimized touch algorithms, combined with TouchBoost, allow players to change touch parameters (such as responsiveness, smoothness, and gyroscope sensitivity).

The problem of durability, a battery with a capacity of 4,310 mAh is the source of energy for the Oppo Reno5. When tested for 3 hours of the marathon by running various activities, from hunting photos and videos, playing games, watching streaming, to running office activities, the Reno5 battery drained about 30%.

But don't be afraid, because you don't need long to charge the Reno5 battery. This cellphone is equipped with a 50W flash charger feature, which has a peak power of 66.6% higher than the previous OPPO Reno4 (30W).

With 50W Flash Charge, OPPO Reno5 can get 3 hours to play videos with just 5 minutes of charging, 31 minutes of charging will produce 80% battery level and will be 100% full in 48 minutes.

Another thing to note, to prevent unwanted things when charging, the 50W Flash Charge facility has 5 levels of protection located on the adapter, cable and device. 50W Flash Charge has been certified by TÜV Rheinland for fast charging.

When I saw it for the first time, it didn't feel like an exaggeration if OPPO Reno5 would be one of the coolest-looking cellphones in 2021. However, OPPO Reno5's capital is not only in terms of appearance.

Behind the elegant appearance of OPPO Reno5, you will get a tough cellphone with a series of the best features. Overall, according to GadgetSquad Reno5 it will be a perfect start for OPPO, to start tough competition in 2021.

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