realme Wins Various Global Awards in 2020 – 2020 is a year full of memories for realme because it has won various international awards for the quality products it produces and its business achievements.

Realme's success in 2020 shows real strength in all fields, because it is not only leading in 2020, but realm is also expanding and expanding its image beyond industry expectations.

Realme Records Success in 2020

Much of Realme's commercial, corporate, and innovation success is attributed to the clear vision it carries, which is to provide trend setting tech and trend setting design simultaneously in one package.

And more importantly, the company's affiliates whose target consumers are predominantly young people around the world from 18 to 25 years of age, share the same brand values ​​with them.

With strong support, realme received 17 brand awards, 159 product awards, and 5 top tier awards worldwide in 2020.

Globally, the youth team led by the founder and CEO of Sky Li have lived up to the values, as evidenced by the average age of employees who are only 29 years old.

This has enabled the team to claim itself as Brand of the Year by leading organizations and media around the world including Indonesia, India, Egypt, Poland and Pakistan.

realme is also the Top 5 Smartphone Brand in 12 countries, and has expanded to 61 markets globally. This milestone reflects the results of reports provided by several leading media and research organizations.

For example, Counterpoint Research has named realm the “fastest-growing smartphone brand in the world”, followed by the Financial Times which emphasizes realism as a leader and occupies a leading position in the entire Asia Pacific.

One of the big achievements in 2020 and a historical record for realme is that it has officially been named the fastest brand to reach 50 million shipments of smartphone units from Counterpoint Research.

realme, with the spirit of “Dare to Leap”, has a strategy to deliver products with leap forward technology and high quality products based on trend-setting designs that are attractive to young people at competitive prices.

Fastest Growing Smartphone Brand

“At Realme, we live our philosophy, namely Dare to Leap in terms of innovation, design and product value, which makes it identifiable to young people.

“Realme's image and reputation have contributed to building customer trust and brand awareness, making this achievement not just an anomaly, but more something we can expect from this young company,” said Sky Li, Global CEO of realme.

Realme products have received recognition from various countries, from India, Poland to Egypt. With more than 160 product awards globally, one of the pillars that realm sticks to is the focus on developing products and adapting them to consumer wants and demands.

This is proven by the 17 awards given by young people for realme from 3 different continents, and clearly shows that realme is the first choice brand judged by young people globally.

Realm's achievements are also impressive and all of this has not gone unnoticed by the international design community. Despite being young, realme has won the top five international design awards.

Such as the 2020 Good Design Award for three different products, the Red Dot Design Award for the X2 Pro realm, the Golden Pin Award, and many more. Presenting world-class designs coupled with the latest technology.

realme is also the first brand to introduce 5G technology to many markets at a competitive price range, such as the global launch of realme 7 5G, which costs less than US $ 300.

The well-known mobile authority, GSM Arena has rated Realme as an all-around mid-range smartphone for 2020.

This strategy has touched the hearts of corporate consumers: in India, realme has sold more than 1 million individual smart audio devices and has taken third in the market in Q2 of 2020 as a newcomer.

With the strong momentum gaining in 2020, realme is poised to jump into 2021 quickly and emerge as a new force that will disrupt the industry.

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