#kamisukareview – The moment of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr (RAFI) has just passed. Telkomsel consistently strive to provide quality broadband services for customers. Telkomsel's own data traffic has increased in this momentum. Telkomsel's efforts in providing these benefits are a manifestation of the company's commitment to keep moving forward to […]

#kamisukareview – Telkomsel again provided 1500 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assistance in areas affected by Covid-19, such as Banten, DKI Jakarta and West Java provinces. In addition to PPE Telkomsel has also participated in presenting 10 ventilators or breathing apparatus named Vent-I. The ventilator is the work of a state […]

#kamisukareview – Mobile Security is a solution from Telkomsel myBusiness that is specific to Telkomsel's enterprise (corporate) customer segment. Present to drive the productivity and security of the device. Moreover, the presence of Telkomsel Mobile Security, especially in optimizing the operational processes of work remotely or work from home in […]