The Motorola Moto Z2 Play was released exactly a year ago for the Southeast Asian region. The previous series, the Moto Z Play, was proven with exceptional battery life. Motorola is trying to continue the legacy of the previous series Z Play series. The Sultan this time will try to […]

#kamisukareview – broke the record sales of 1 million units of AIoT audio devices in the form of the Buds Wireless realm and the Buds Air realm globally. This achievement proves that real-world smart devices are well received throughout the world. realme is looking for young, creative and talented user […]

Blacberry Aurora is now more or less a year old, but according to the Sultan it remains interesting to discuss because the Aurora series is a Blackberry series that uses the Android operating system. Looks like the Blackberry wants to be in the middle of the Android smartphone battle arena […]

#kamisukareview ASUS announced the latest B550 chipset motherboard from AMD that will bring the potential of PCI Express 4.0 to the mainstream segment. AMD B550 motherboards allow the use of 20 multi-functional PCIe 4.0 lines found on the AMD Ryzen Third Generation desktop processor. The main PCIe slot on the […]

Only 5 months after the launch of the Oppo A91, Oppo released the Oppo A92 again. What is the difference ? For you who are looking for the latest Oppo 2020 cellphone, this cellphone could be an alternative choice besides the A91. Compared to its predecessor, the A92 series has […]