#kamisukareview – Streaming movies is one of the most popular activities for users 3 Indonesia during activities from home. 3 Indonesia noted, since the issuance of the appeal for physical restrictions, data traffic for streaming film activities jumped by 193%. The surge occurred in 7 premium movie streaming services, namely […]

#kamisukareview – PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia donated IDR 10 billion to help sustain COVID-19 mitigation efforts throughout Indonesia through the BUMN Foundation for Indonesia. Founded in 2018, the foundation has been actively sending aid to disaster victims as well as assisting development efforts across the country. The foundation will use […]

#kamisukareview – To satisfy customers and improve service quality in the country, Tri Indonesia now uses Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technology from Nokia. Tri has just announced their optimization. To increase 4G network capacity, Tri applies 3G-4G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology from Nokia. With this technology, Tri Indonesia can allocate […]