#kamisukareview – Xiaomi Corporation (Xiaomi) announced solid growth across all business segments in the first quarter of 2020. Revenues for the first three months of 2020 reached 49.7 billion renminbi (or 102.9 trillion Rupiah *), representing 13.6 percent year-on-year or YoY growth. This came from the announcement of the results […]

#kamisukareview – Thank you Alvin Tse. Xiaomi Indonesia boss immediately made the internet internet commotion with bold steps to bring flagship. Xiaomi Mi 10 specifications and prices are officially revealed in Indonesia. Now, they are ready to compete with other brands in the upper segment. For several days, posting an […]

#kamisukareview – Xiaomi introduces its collaboration with visual artist Muklay. One form of collaboration is a work of art that interprets ten smartphone products and ecosystems from Xiaomi ranging from smart phones, powerbank, television, to the air purifier became a typical work of art. The owner of Muchlis Fachri's real […]

#kamisukareview – Thank you Alvin Tse. Yes, this Xiaomi Indonesia boss teaser immediately made the internet universe tantrum and curious. Now, the certainty of Xiaomi Mi 10 mobile phone entering this country is clear. Smartphone specifications and prices will be official soon. For several days, posting an Instagram account @atytse […]

#kamisukareview – Current unit review Xiaomi The Mi Note 10 landed on the editorial table, we cheered with joy. Not because we are Xiaomi fans, but this is Xiaomi's first expensive handset that officially entered Indonesia and we had the opportunity to review it. The first thing that comes to […]