#kamisukareview – What if the latest flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Indonesia dismantled one by one offal? Of course we will be able to see various components used and embedded in it. And apparently there are many interesting things that can be found. As is known, Xiaomi Mi 10 for […]

In this video we discuss homecoming tips, but in a pandemic condition like this you should not do homecoming, for the sake of still keeping the coexistence of the spread of covid-19. This 26th Ramadan 2020 giveaway has prizes for 3 winners, namely: 1. Vyatta Airboom Pro2. Vyatta Flyboom Gen […]

Oppo A71 steals the attention of many Indonesian people. This smartphone brand which stars Isyana Sarasvati's video clip does have a strong market in Indonesia. Oppo A71 tries to fill the market gap of its siblings, A37 and A57, because the price is below 2.5 million. In addition, the A71 […]